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Robbie Wilde

New York, United States

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Who needs hearing when you can feel the Music! Not this artist by the name of Robbie Wilde. He literally feels the music to hear the music. Hearing is the most important sense in a deajay’s life, but is the one thing he is lacking. Robbie Wilde has been seventy five percent deaf all his life. He acquired the skill and art of music by compensating his loss of hearing with the senses of sight and touch. This collaboration is the perfect mix to him; As the bass moves and shakes the dj booth, PERFECTION. The vibration stimulate from his toes up to his body as he feels what the crowd is hearing!

Born in Jersey, England, he moved from England to Portugal, Venezuela to the United States. During his adolescence, he experimented with the drums and bass guitar but it was at the age of sixteen he found the one set of instruments that inspired greatness; two turntables and a mixer. Robbie would roam the clubs trying to get the best view of the DJ booths, learning all he could and practicing until his mixing became perfect, never off beat. Robbie’s passion for music culture fueled his desire to major in music theory, to learn how to incorporate all types of genres in his career. His talents became recognized very quickly. He has played beside great deejay’s in multiple venues and entertained celebrities at major cities across the United States and Canada (NYC, AC, ATL, CHI, LA, MIA, Montreal, and Toronto) such as Oscar G, NYC’s 92.3’s Dj Toro; Dj David S; Dj Yonny, Robbie Rivera, Dj Chopps, Dj Spinbad, Dj Jason Smith, Dj Sizzahands, Dj PS1, Dj Riz, Dj Riddler, live performence w/Kim Sozzi, Miguel Cole, Ryan Leslie, and the Superbowl Champions Pittsburg Steelers Private Party just to name a few. Also signed with ‘AMG’ Artist Music Group and holds a sponsorship by Liquid Lightning Energy Drink.

His journey has just begun. Currently an apprentice to the DMC World Scratching Champion; Deejay Shiftee. Deejay Shiftee was inspired by his story, and ambition, and has been guiding him in perfecting his advanced scratching skills and enrolling as the first deaf deejay in the 2011 DMC Scratching tournament.

Sure he has to work harder because of his hearing impairment, but he does not consider the disability a detriment to his life, but as a fuel to the fire. His dreams and ambitions are endless. Nothing is impossible. With his popularity growing rapidly and his skills being recognized, Robbie Wilde is a force to be “HEARD” and definitely someone to be kept an eye on in the future as he grows.