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Robbie Jay

Satu Mare, Romania

Tech House, Techno

Peak Hour Music, Skills Records
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Today Robbie Jay doesn’t need to be introduced in the Romanian and Hungarian clubbing scene,during the past couple of years he has performed at most of the clubs and festivals in these countries with succes.

Robbie Jay makes his debut in 2000 under the name Scotty G. producing the Only House Music radio show at Radio Samtel from Satu Mare.In 2003 under the name Dj Robbie Jay got his first residency in El Kardinal Club,after Manhattan(2004),Dolce(2008) from Satu Mare,where he mixed exclusive on turntables and played only techno and house music.He got invitations at the most of the clubs and music events in his city,great opportunity to start the Plastic Dj radio show on Radio Impact from Satu Mare broadcasting weekly his live sets from the clubs.Founding Party Dj Team in 2005,he began to make booking in Romania for a lot of great djs from Hungary.In short time his radio show Plastic Dj becoming a popular show having guests from Hungary like: Sterbinszky, Shane 54, Belocca, Julian, The Furrier Bros… In 2006 he started working like a mobile dj traveling his country and later organize the Plastic Night party series where the djs mixing exclusively on turntables only techno music.He got invitation to the biggest open air electronic music festival from Hungary at the Budapest Parade,where he had the chance to mix with many international djs,after at the Stick’Em Up — dj contest in Bucharest (Sunrise event),he is the winner of the first place in Techno section.In the same year the Plastic Dj radio show is running online in several simultaneously radio stations,enjoying the nomination at NIGHTS.RO AWARDS — Best radio show profile clubbing in Romania in 2006 — category,getting invitations on radios from: Holland,Belgium,Slovakia and Hungary.In summer of 2007 Robbie Jay goes in Portugal and becomes resident dj in Lagos City from Algarve and he got the invitation to making the after party for the one of the most renowned open air electronic music festivals in Portugal – Algarve Beach Party 2007 with artists like: M.A.N.D.Y., Dj Vibe, Dj Patife and more,after that follows the invitation in Slovakia.The year 2008 brings many invitations to clubs and festivals in Romania and Hungary mixing with many renowned international djs. As part of Skills Records artists he had the chance to release his musical productions in techno style with many top producers from Romania on Delahoya festival compilation in CD and other digital formats.Producing music with the young artist named ReDub in 2009 Robbie Jay release more new tracks available on the all important on-line music stores all over the world capturing the attentions of other foreign labels.He got another nomination at the NIGHTS.RO AWARDS — The best breakthrough in Romania in 2009 — category.Now Robbie Jay continuing the studio works (album and remixes),mixing in the clubs with top djs,making his brand new radio show and party concept — Moonvibes.

Few international artists who share the turntables with Robbie Jay: Nathan Coles, Felix Kröcher, M.A.N.D.Y, Mark Knight,Marko Nastic, Marco Bailey, Markantonio,Andy Lee,Tocadisco,Oliver Huntemann,Alex Bau,Coyu,Lucca, Misa Salacova, Philipp Straub aka Felipe, Valentino Kanzyani, Max B. Grant, Yoji aka Biomehanika, Markantonio, Boris S., Tocadisco, Dr. Motte, Marusha, Talla 2XLC, Vibe, Alien J, Campus, Hamvai P.G., Newl, Jankec, Julian, Alexsession, Bruckmann, Andy Sole, Erős vs. Spigiboy …

Few events where Robbie Jay played: Budapest Parade 2006-Budapest (H),Highlander Hall-Sárospatak (H),Flower Festival 2008-Debrecen (H),Amnesia-Matészalka(H),K.O.-Ecséd(H),Akropolisz-Ajak (H),Happy End-Ajak (H),Camelot-Tiszaújváros (H),Nádas Disco-Gergelyiugornya (H),Center Disco-Pocsaj (H),Diamond-Kazincbarcika (H),Thomas-Balatonszemes (H),Üvegház-Balatonlelle (H),The Algarve Beach Party Festival 2007-Praia da Batata (P),RGB Club-Lagos (P),Lounge Bar-Lagos (P),Galo Club-Lagos (P),Kralovsky Chlmec-The Club (SK),Studio Martin,Eclipse,Barocco,La Spatiu (Bucharest),Midi Lounge,Oscar,Delahoya Festival 2006,Delahoya Festival 2008,Delahoya Festival 2009,Delahoya Festival 2010,La Gazette (Cluj Napoca),House Parade Festival 2008 (Ploiești),House Parade Festival 2009,Hard Force Festival 2008,CCCP (Timișoara),Iures Dance Festival 2011,Seven (Oradea),Pasha (Galați),La Strada (Zalău),D2 Metropolis,Any Time,Ambassador (Bistrița),Extreme (Focșani),Red District (Târgu Mureș),Sundays (Iași),Bora Bora,Insomnia,Las Vegas,Dolce,Helios,Voodoo,X-Pub,Apa Beach,Joy Beach (Satu Mare) and many more.

Music style: Techno,Tech House,House,Deep House,Groove,Dub.