Top 50k on The DJ List

Rob Riggs

Miami, United States


Remember that DJ you saw at the club last night? Chances are, he probably learned the ropes of his craft from Rob Riggs. Serving as the Head Instructor at the world renowned ‘Scratch DJ Academy’ in Miami, Rob Riggs has more than 10 years in the game, and a world of experience and dedication towards the education of DJing. Since 2007, he has been teaching students of all ages how to mix, scratch, and rock the party. That same year, he was voted “Best Club DJ” in Miami’s New Times magazine. DJing is no hobby to Rob Riggs; it is a full time job.

In the years to follow, Rob Riggs has kept busy by branding himself to a larger audience with international travels. Three separate month long tours throughout the eastern and western Caribbean Islands (Jamaica, Bahamas, Cozumel, Puerto Rico), and a headlining 10-day tour in France are just a few mentionables of this DJs more extensive show bookings. In an effort to keep his American audiences attention, 2010 also saw shows in New York, Minnesota, and his own birthplace of Los Angeles.

In 2011, a long list of clients reached out to Rob Riggs to do work for their organizations, such as Royal Caribbean, Playboy, G by Guess, & Redbull, just to name a few. Rob Riggs would also gain the attention of the prestigious RC hotel, who contracted him exclusively as their resident DJ for their monthly “Full Moon” pool parties. Most recently, he has been serving as a DJ over seas in the Caribbean islands for new prestigious nightclubs trying to show their local population a taste of the ‘Miami’ DJ culture.

In 2012, as a DJ who is an advocate for furthering the art form and not slowing down, you can only expect to see bigger and better things from Rob Riggs..