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Rob Naylor

Montreal, Canada


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Rob Naylor‘s first foray into dance music happened when he was just 12 years old, discovering the sounds of Above & Beyond. He slowly got more and more interested by the emotional yet energetic aspect of trance. From house to techno, Rob started to understand and get more drawn into the structure and production of different genres, combining different elements and sounds.

A few years later, Rob purchased his first production software (FL Studio 7) and began messing around with the endless possibilities it provided. Not sure of what direction he wanted to take, Rob began venturing into different sounds and different projects broadening his knowledge of the craft.

Seeking perfection, Rob did not sign his first track until he knew it was up to par with the industry standards. His first track being ‘Yes’ signed to none other than Gareth Emery’s label “GARUDA” and featured in the compilation ’The Sound Of Garuda 3: Mixed by Ben Gold.

With his hunger to succeed and his relentless desire for improvement, the future seems to hold big things for this young teenager from Montreal, Canada.