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Already in his young days Rob Mayth realised his talent for music. He grew up in a family, where music meant a lot to everybody. At the age of eight he started taking piano-lessons, but it did not really satisfy him. After holding the first keyboard in his hands, he could not be stopped by anything.

In 1996 he took his first steps with programs like ‘dance machine’ or ‘magix music maker’. However, he did reach the borders of these programmes’ possibilities very fast. The time of tracking followed bringing out the first success. At that time the direction of his sound was thunderdome melodic – hardcore. On his safari through the ‘sence of software’ he made a longer stop at ‘fruity loops’ – software. At this stage he could almost realize his ideas.

He started to bring out his tracks on internet-pages like ‘myownmusic’ (former or ‘virtual-volume’ in order to reach a wider audience. Due to this he received much feedback and criticism helping him to improve his tracks’ quality. It did not take long and he recorded his first demo-CD. The audience could already have a foreboding of his further development.

Over the years Rob did have several chances to talk about publication with some music labels. They all ended up in empty promises. He did not let himself go, but developed further.

One day then he got to know his producer-colleague Waveliner via the world wide web. Being fully convinced of himself he played his demo.mp3. This demo.mp3 did hit exactly Waveliner’s nerve resulting in the combo ‘Waveliner vs. Rob Mayth’. They did some further work on the track and created a hit in that scene: ‘harder than ever’ . The vinyl was also sold out within 2 weeks. Already in the first week the track flashed from number 0 to number 11 in the discomania charts and the track stayed in the German DJ playlist 5 weeks.

The following track ‘children of xtc’ also full of energy – was as successful as the one before and presented many hit tunes to the audience.

Rob has already made remixes for ‘Special D’, ‘Groove Coverage’, ‘Sven-R-G vs. Bass-T’, ‘Cascada’, ‘Alex M. vs. Marc van Damme’, ‘Angel city’, ‘Base Attack’ and many more. This let him become one of the most wanted remixers.

His releases and remixes have already been published on samplers like: Future Trance, Technodrome, DJ Networx, Hardbass, Hardstyle, viva club rotation, pulsdriver dance x-plosion, etc..

He has also become a good Dj and has already traveled on many countrys in the world like Tokyo, Chicago, Slovenia, Poland and many others!

With his track ‘Can I get a Witness’ is a new powerful track placed in the clubs that let no questions open!