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Rob Davies

Swansea, United Kingdom

Hard Dance

Deprivation, Presence Trance
Rob Davies Beatport


Robs style is fast, pumping and uplifting UK Hard Trance and Hard House. His influences are Andy Whitby, Rob Tissera, Paul Glazby, Ilogik, and Big Al, although Rob has a unique style of his own. Rob can adapt well to any given situation, be it a chunky warm up set or an all guns blazing, flat out hard house bosh-a-thon. Rob is also capable of performing rumbling Techno sets and also spins Hardcore under the alias “Flat 8” with his b2b partner Adam Brice.

Before the club scene Rob first started DJ’ing at small pubs and parties, and he is now establishing himself as one of Wales’ best Hardhouse DJs. Rob also won 1st Place at the Progress DJ Competition held at Tom Peppers, Llanelli in November 2005.

Rob currently holds two Residencies, one for the “Feeling-of-Life”, and one for “Romper Stomper” two popular Hard Dance nights in Swansea. Rob was also a resident at “Harder” held at Escape. Rob has also had a Guest Mix on Radio Ceredigion.

Gigs Rob Has Been Booked For Include:

CLASH OF THE TITANS! Romper Stomper vs Nemesis @ Crobar, Swansea

Romper Stomper @ Crobar, Swansea

Romper Stomper @ Katz, Neath

Romper Stomper vs Journey @ The Red Rooms, Cardiff

RE:BIRTH @ Tall Trees, Newquay

Rude Awakening @ The Union, Cardiff

Totally ’Ardcore @ Castros, Bristol

Cloud 9 @ Evolution, Cardiff

Aurora @ The Irondoor, Liverpool

Hallucination @ Windser Club, Neath

Future Dance @ The Roof, Llanelli

Ob5e55ion vs Paranoid @ The Waterside, Carmarthen

Panic Room @ The Paget Inn, Barry Island

Cool as U Like @ The N.C.L.A. Newport

Galatica @ Katz, Neath

Xtreme Psykosis @ Katz, Neath

Progress DJ Comp @ Tom Peppers, Llanelli (1st Place)

Lakota Xmas Party – Psykotic vs Rude Awakening vs Cool as u Like vs Urban Chaos @ Lakota, Bristol

Devils Heaven @ The Waterside Club, Carmarthen

Nemesis @ Crobar, Swansea

Pontardawe Music Festival

Delusion vs Stylus @ Monkey Bar, Swansea

Hardventure @ Katz, Neath

Delusion @ Monkey Bar, Swansea

Slamming @ The Roof, Llanelli

F.U.D.G.E @ The Guild Hall, Gloucester

Vortex @ The Black, Aberdare

Trancefusion (The Rebirth) @ Cardiff Ice Rink

X-Treme @ Katz, Neath

KA-OS @ Bar5, Swansea

Residency @ Club Niche, Cheltenham

Bionic @ Emporium, Cardiff

Feeling-of-Life @ The Pier, Mumbles

Harder @ Escape, Swansea

Deton8 @ Hookers, Newcastle Emlyn

Deton8 @ Subterrania, Swansea

Reach Out @ The Toad, Swansea

Maximise @ The Pier, Mumbles

Banging One Out @ The Bush, Swansea

The Black, Aberdare

Celtic Pride, Swansea

Inferno, Swansea

Zanziba, Swansea

The Palace, Swansea

The Bush, Swansea

The Tenby, Swansea

The Venue, Swansea

The Swan, Ystralafera

Rob features on line-ups with DJs such as Guyver, Stimulant DJ’s, Paul Glazby, Ben Stevens, Cor Fijneman, Mass in Orbit, Petrae Foy, Darren Styles, Ilogik, K90, Sam Punk, Scott Brown, Justin Bourne, DJ Sy, Robbie Long, Vibes, Breeze, Brisk, Neophyte, Ingo, Alex Calver, Joey Riot, Captain Tinrib, JP & Jukesy, Vinylgroover, Dynamic Intervention, DJ Kutski, Organ Donors, Andy Whitby, Madam Zu, Caroline Banx, Kevin Energy, Knuckleheadz, Jon The Baptist, Marc Vedo, Sol Ray, The Ting, Mark EG, Public Domain, Marc Johnson, Big Al, Vortex, Danny Slade, Stu Grady, Last of the Mohicans, Andy K, Cally & Juice, Scott Devotion, L.E.D, M-Zone, Brian M, James Ellis, Marc Minall, Ben Edge, Log One, Ben Eye, Jason P, Andy Hunter, JAY A.K. and Ben Miles.

Rob has an undying love for his music and prides himself on consistent and explosive mixing, and tune selection of the highest standard, and with the tricks up his sleeve, crowd pleasing antics and crazy bootlegs he is a worthy addition to any line-up. At only 20 years of age, the future could hold big things for him. Rob has now also moved into the production side of things, with Andy Whitby supporting one of his bootlegs… so watch this space!