Top 25k on The DJ List

Rob Bass

Los Angeles, United States

Drum & Bass, Electronica


Synchronic Music, Underground Sound With a commanding presence and widespread appeal, Robert Bitter A.K.A. Rob Bass, is a true performer. One of the leaders in the Southern California underground electronic music scene, Rob is a DJ and producer who has a large and devoted fan base. Never failing to pack the dance floor, he turns every performance into a magical show. Having spent many years in the local music scene, this Rob never fails to amaze his audience with new and fascinating material. He has an incredible ability to be dark, spiritual, yet uplifting. His music is melodic and complex; his style is skillful and intelligent. Rob Bass is currently signed to Synchronic Music, a Los Angeles-based electronic music label, and is a member of Underground Sound, a prominent underground music collective. Rob has spent much time as a promoter and has spun at both large and small events all over Southern California for several years. A truly original producer who creates quality drum and bass, Rob is in high demand as he continues to grow to be one of LAs most influential drum and bass DJs.=U.S=