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Rivaz is the pseudonym of the famous producer and dj Davide Riva, he began playing the piano when he was just 8, attending private lessons. At 15 he founded his first group with which travelled throughout Italy playing pop/dance music in many nightclubs. In the meanwhile he began to work as an author and producer in recording studios. His ongoing experiecne with his live group gave him the inside edge on people’s tastes in music, knowledge that would help him decide, at the young age of 22, to follow a career of producer, author and dj, travelling around the world.

Among his successes we highlight:

1. Saturday Night by Whigfield

2. Another Day by Whigfield

3. Think of you by Whigfield

4. Somebody to touch me by Dhany

5. You & I by JK

6. Happy by Squareheads

7. Gonna get your Love by Essence ft Jenny B

8. Love is the music by FR feat JennyB

9. Canto de Orfeo by Espirito

10. Do you wanna dance by Bitch Hotel

11. Mama by Housefeller

12. Run to you by Rivaz ft Stevie Rayno

13. Broken Wings by Rivaz

14. Who da F.. is that by Schenetti Vs Rivaz

As a Remixer:

1. Say Yeah by Yves Larock

2. Eternity by Guru Josh

3. Dj Dj by Benny Benassi

4. Listen to the voice inside by Yves Larock

5. Saturday Night 2010 by Whigfield

6. So Long by Otherview

7. Fly Away by Benny Benassi

8. After The Rain by Fedo Mora & Camurri

9. Island Dream by sasha Barbot

10. I say Yeah by Stefano Secchi ft. Orlando Johnson

11. All about the paper by Halem Hustlers

12. I need your Love by Loose Change

13 Free your soul by Duane Harden

14. Its about Love by Charles Laster II

Rivaz made quite a big hit in the world with these records.

As a dj he plays in many clubs in italy, Canada, Greece.

Nowadays Davide Riva keeps on working as producer, composer and dj, never stopping to scout new talents and music trends.