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Tokyo, Japan

Breaks, Electro House

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As a resident DJ, now she mostly works for Electro label “Mad Skippers” managed by DJ Tsuyoshi and “Tokyo Decadance” whose events numerous people attend.

Like her DJ name indicates, the style she plays creates a free and distinctive experience for the audience by blending groaning thick bass lines, eccentric consonances and an always developing rhythm while adding poly-rhythmical electro and breaks.

DJ Rinaneko’s music constantly adopts new styles since her interests are how people are entranced by music and how to intensify the dance floor.

Therefore, her music turns out hard, deep, vigorous and ravishing sounds which she uses to bring about this experience.

Nowadays this original character and her skills are appreciated worldwide. ,,She plays not only all over Japan but outside of the island as well and has had a successful tour in Europe, USA and Australia.

[Dark Psy]

In addition, under a different DJ name," NEKo" which is a Dark Psychedelic Trance unit featuring DJ Rinaneko and DJ PsySuke(aka Smash), they produced an instrumental track where they collaborated with a well-known artist, CPU, who is the founder of Nutek Records. ,,

The track is released by 3D VISION, Digital Drugs and Nutek Records.

Her most recent work, “SAKURA”, is a remix of an old Japanese folk song and is released by Beatport. ,,The track is included on the album “CPU on Acid”.