Top 25k on The DJ List

Rin The Chemist

Los Angeles, United States

House, Techno


DJ Rin has done a lot of living in his 29 years. Born in East Lansing, Michigan, the family moved to Ohio before migrating to the pastoral town of Fairfield, Iowa. There, young Rin was raised within an extended family of music junkies that had huge collections of vinyl records. As Rin came of age in the early 90s, so too did the Midwest rave scene. Rin started hearing mix tapes that trickled down from some of the top DJs on the party circuit. He began studying the origins of house music, digging through bins at dance-oriented record stores and

collecting more tapes from his favorite DJs. Some of his early influences were Chicago DJs Glenn Underground, DJ Funk, K Alexi and Paul Johnson, as well as Detroits techno artists, Mike Banks, Jeff Mills including Richie Hawtin and Dan Bell. By 1995, Rin and some like-minded friends in Fairfield began throwing their own parties. Thus, DJ Rin was born. He purchased his first pair of turntables and set them up in his basement. As his skills developed, he started playing club nights at local bars and anywhere they would tolerate house and techno music. Over the

next few years, DJ Rin would travel around the country. Finally, in 1998, Rin landed in Los Angeles, California, and eventually made his way up to the Bay area, where he attended the Community College of San Francisco, studying broadcasting and radio production. Rin’s musical tastes were now moving in a decidedly techno direction, with influences from Detroit and German labels.

In 1999, Rin made a huge move to Australia where he enrolled in the School of Audio Engineering in Sydney. He also landed DJ gigs in the vibrant club scenes of Sydney and Perth. He graduated from SAE in 2000 and was inspired to head home to the States and begin a production career. When Rin returned to Los Angeles in 2000, he found work in post production, mostly for the film and TV industries. However, by 2002, with the music industry in turmoil and

work scarce, Rin decided to follow his heart and move to Chicago, but, after living in the sunshine and heat of Australia and California, Rin could no longer bear the brutal Midwest winters and returned to LA in 2003, this time for good. In Los Angeles, DJ Rin formed a production team with his friend Dj Tatiana. The duo christened themselves Chemistry and Rin added The Chemist to his nom de guerre.

Rin soon got bookings at famed San Francisco clubs like The End Up and The Top, and the massive Love Parade festival. He also played monthly events at LAs venerable Circus nightclub, Avalon and held down residencies at hip Hollywood hotspots like Geisha House and Le Deux also playing the Coachella Music Festival. Rin is now traveling all over the world making his mark in the club industry, “he has great energy and amazing passion for what he does, truly inspiring to watch” Next Stop Ibiza..