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Ridgewalkers are a two-piece band from Dublin, Ireland, with influences from Electro Trance to New York style Punk. Ive and EL have been making music together since 2003, although both have been involved in many projects before this. Coming from a song-writing background and instrument-based arrangements their productions have a rare quality and span many genres.

Early attention for the duo came from a production called ‘Find’. This track was signed to UK label, Baroque Records in 2004. Their first release came with an Andy Moor remix which instantly picked up rave reviews and over the coming months the track was hammered by the world’s top Dj’s across the globe including Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Matt Darey, and Judge Jules. The list is endless! The track received a solid three-month stint on Jules’s BBC Radio 1 show over that summer and turned up on Armin van Buuren’s “Universal Religion live ’04” CD and Tiesto’s “In Concert” DVD.

In early 2005, ‘Find’ was re-released on Armin van Buuren’s own label, Armada Records with a tougher RMX from German duo Kyau vs. Albert on the B-side and Andy Moor’s RMX taking the A-side. This re-release again caused a storm and picked up full backing from Mix Mag with a no.1 in their trance chart for February 2005. ‘Find’ also reached no.1 on the Technics Dutch dance charts that same month and charts across Europe also placed ‘Find’ high on their lists.

Ridgewalkers – ‘Find’ received five more RMX’s, two were in 2005 with the legendary Markus Schulz and Perry O’Neil doing the honours, which were released on Electronic Elements. Three more RMX’s in 2009 from Russell G, Indecent Noise and Logic Stories supplying some long awaited updates to this classic tune.

‘Find’ since it was released in 2004 has been released on 100’s of major Dj Mix CD and EDM Compilations, and has long since reached legendary status in the world of dance music.

After a break, and the birth of EL’s first child, Lennon, Ridgewalkers returned to the studio and have come back with some high-profile collaborations and some great new tunes.

For the first of these new releases, Ridgewalkers teamed up with Matt Darey & Aeron Aether for a track called ‘Chasing the Sun’, getting its first release as part of Matt’s Nocturnal 2010 CD, released on Black Hole Recordings in April. Danish producer Schodt and Russian producer Ivan Spell, supplied the first remixes of this track, followed by remixes in 2011 from D-Mad, J-Soul and The Madison, all released on the mighty New York label, Nervous Records. Receiving BBC Radio 1 air play from Judge Jules and also charting on Billboard’s air play chart, this track is set to become another classic on both sides of the Atlantic.

That Summer, Ridgewalkers also teamed up with Headstrong, for two tracks for his album ‘Timeless’, released on his own label, Sola Records in June 2010, these tracks are called ‘Resurrection’ and ‘Rainbows’ which take El’s vocals back into high energy club tunes.

Also featuring a new vocal written by Ive and El, Summer 2010 seen the release of ‘Tears of the Dragon’, a collaboration with German producer Pedro Del Mar, this track was signed to Armada Music and seen its first release as part of Roger Shah’s ‘Magic Island Vol. 3’ in June 2010. In August the full release came out with mixes by Pedro Del Mar, Mike Foyle and Ridgewalkers.

Ridgewalkers rounded off 2010, a year of many releases, on yet another high, with a brand new remix of ‘Find’, this time from Alex M.O.R.P.H and his ‘Hands on Armada’ release. An album of classics, but not as you know them.

2011 seen Ridgewalkers team up with two Dublin house duo’s, for something a little different, first up was Grooveboy for a track called ‘Alibi’, released in the summer of 2011 on US label Open Bar Music, and then with Full Funktion for a track called ‘Karma’ which was released on Baroque Records in early 2012.

Also in 2012 teaming up with Polish producer, Indecent Noise for a track called ‘Full Moon Fever’, a full on trance stomper which received support from all the top Dj’s including Armin van Buuren, who gave his full support to this track by doing his very own mash up with a track he produced with Trance legend BT, this and the original version became a large part of the state of trance 500 world tour that summer, also turning up on Armin’s CD release of his Live show in Kiev from that tour. ‘Full Moon Fever’ was released on Fraction records in early 2012 and reached no.1 on Beatport’s top 100 trance chat, there are plans for some major remixes in time.

Showing another side in 2012, Ridgewalkers released a new track called ‘Morning Light’, a more down tempo song with a stunning vocal from El, this track seen its first release as part of Baroque Records Chill-Out Compilation, ‘Chilled Structures’ also including tracks for other Baroque stable artists.

In August of 2012 ‘Chasing the Sun’, got signed over to Armada Music and was released as part of Matt Darey’s debut artist album, ‘Blossom and decay’ an album containing collaborations with some of trance music’s top vocalists.

With Major remix packages planned, new collaborations in the pipeline and some new tracks, Ridgewalkers are on top form and have now been part of the EDM scene for almost a decade, with their productions going from strength to strength they plan to continue being one of the artists to watch out for a long time to come.