Rico Henschel Beatport


Berlin native Rico Henschel, formally known as Sweet’n’Candy, has given the techno-savvy party community over 50 releases, blasting throughout every corner of the electronic scene.

Therefore he gained international recognition and played around the world, winning the hearts of crowds in countries like Mexico, Colombia, United States, Russia, Japan and of course all over Europe.

In the years after the huge success of his Sweet’n’Candy project, Rico was busy figuring out his real musical identity. That’s why he decided not to express it by using a pseudonym any longer and to release music under his given name from now on.

As Rico puts it right: "Music is a journey and goes on forever. As long as I can take my audience with me in my tracks and DJ sets, I will never lose the joy of playing, presenting and producing music. The name is not important.” The journey continues.