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Rick Cee

London, United Kingdom

House, Tech House

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It all began back in 1993, when Rick Cee was a mere twelve years old. Back then he claims his main influences were Jeremy Healy and Graham Park and it was whilst listening to these masters at work that he decided that if there was not room for him amongst the best, he would make room.

Rick Cee purchased his first set of decks in 1994 and by 1997 (16 years of age) he was playing the main room at Fluid in Manchester and it was there amongst the elated dancers that the DJ bug took hold of him completely leading to a chain of events that catapulted him into the club scene.

Over the next nine years, Rick Cee saw his life change to a nocturnal existence that spanned the length and breadth of the North West. From Garlands in Liverpool to Sankey’s in Manchester, from Venus in the City to 2Risque as well as guest mixes on numerous radio stations. Rick Cee has demonstrated his aptitude at an alarmingly high level, which has always remained exceptional. He boasts a long list of DJ’s that he has played at nights at including Jonathan Ulysses, Redsoul, Jay C, Jason Herd & Jon Fiz (herd ‘n’ Fitz), The AudioWhores, Oliver Lang, Jamie Gittins, Tom Sheridan, Mistress Da Funk, Jo Mills, Ralph Lawson, Nick Hussy, Copyright, Redsoul and John DeArgo to name a few! From the summer of 2002 to date, his reputation crossed the continent when he was asked to play at Café Mambo, kanya, The Orange Corner, Plastik and Eden in Ibiza and is now a yearly occurrence. This international DJing progressed now has a yearly residency since 2007 at Fiesta en la playa @ Mezzaine, Tulum, Mexico.

Rick Cee has found a platform to display his unique technical talents on the decks. A master of his art, Rick Cee attracts young people from around the UK to experience his technical skill. His sets combine soulful, funky, classic, jacking and tech house in such a technical way using three deck mixing with a range of FX units. He plays the most recent in house tunes slipping in the odd classic or two and combines them with a superb individuality that is completely his own. He also makes his own edits of acapella’s and samples to be used in his sets so they can be as individual as the nights that he plays at..

Style with substance is a phrase that comes to mind when encountering night that he is present at. The effect is truly inspirational, arousing feelings that could transform even the most fanatic fans of any other genre of music to become committed hands in the air house lovers. Rick Cee has been laying the foundations of his Prodigy for over ten years. Words cannot describe the skill that is exhibited when Rick Cee is on the decks. It is one that needs to be experienced firsthand to appreciate fully and the only advice could be to witness it for yourself. Rick Cee Recently played at Kendal Calling festival and received this review from the Boxfresh team and has just had a return booking “Rick Cee ushered in Ibiza and the sun shone – for a moment we could have been nearer the Balearics than Barrow and his brand of house was just the tonic. Feet shuffled and people smiled -he passed CDs out to the gathering crowds and we were on the home straight.”

Now relocated to London from Manchester Based Rick Cee continues to obtain regular gigs in the city and continues to travel the globe and when his not DJing he is busy producing behind closed doors