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Richie Kidd is a UK-native DJ/Producer who specializes in Jackin/Soulful/Deep House Music. He is also one of the newest representatives for Mark Doyle’s Fierce Angel Brand. As a DJ, Richie has worked multiple decks at nightclubs, pool parties, yachts, and private events throughout Europe and the Middle East. With respect to music production, Mr. Kidd has produced remixes for a vast array of famous Artists such as Sean Kingston, Coldplay, Sugar Babes, and U2 to name a few and released several successful singles including “Blame it On the Jazz” and “Jacuba”.

For the past year, Richie has been the resident DJ for the Barasti Beach (voted the number one bar in the World in 2009) 5 nights a week where he plays to a crowd of an average of 7,000+ on a weekly basis and worked alongside some of the World’s top DJs and music artists throughout his career; including Danny Rampling, Pete Tong, Vanilla Ice, Semus Haji and Dina Vass to name but a few. Richie is known for his legendary 11 hour sets on weekdays, from when the sun goes down until the crescendo at closing time.

ARTISTS WORKED WITH: Aaron Ross, Agnelli & Nelson, Anna Kiss, Daniele Davoli (Blackbox), Bobby Tee (Kissdafunk), Brandon Block, Ce Ce Peniston, Danny Marquez (Bubble Soul Music), Danny Rampling, Dave Simeon (Fierce Angels), Dina Vass, DJ Lottie, Hayley Parsons, Hanna Hais, Greg Dowling (Fish Go Deep), Gypsy Kings, Jamie Lewis (Purple Music), Jef K (Silver Network), Jocelyn Brown (Purple Music), Joey Negro, Jon Besant, Julie McKnight, Just Lance (2 Deep Geeks), Kristian Valdini, Lady V (Fierce Angels), Lele Sacchi, Luke Solomon, Mark Doyle (Fierce Angels), Mark Pickup, Mark Trophy, Panevino (Purple Music), Pete Gooding (Café Mambo), Pete Tong, Phil Asher, Peyton, Robin S, Roland Clark, Ron Carroll, Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep) , Smaus Haji (MN2S), Smokin Groove, Soul Avengerz, Sonique, DJ Tim (Utah Saints), Taka Boom, Vanilla Ice

CLUBS/BARS PLAYED AT: 360 (Dubai, UAE), Barasti Beach Bar (Dubai, UAE), Batch Woods (Cambridge), Café de Paris (London), Castle Club (London), Club Indigo (Folkestone), Club Maxxim (Bahrain), Decedance (Dubai, UAE), Longsbar (Dubai, UAE), Loop Bar (London), Rockbottom (Oman), Pacific Edge (London), The Apartment (Dubai, UAE), The C Bar & Club (London), The Height Club (Staines), The White In (Essex), Vales Lounge (London), Yates Basingstoke (London)