I remember when i was a little Kid I said to my mom, I want to learn to play drums!! she never let me do that! too much noise she said. so she took me to the artistic schoo... read more
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I remember when i was a little Kid I said to my mom, I want to learn to play drums!! she never let me do that! too much noise she said. so she took me to the artistic school to learn guitar and of course the teacher said he never will learn to play guitar because he doesn’t want to. That dream always was in my mind waiting for the opportunity.

few years after the boom of electronic music arrive on my little home town Call Arica following the ToTal Solar Eclipse and few of my teenager friends they was already experimenting with music, for me was my first experience and i loved it.

After that Event most of my closest friends become local Djs and few of them starting to asking me if i like the tracks that they was playing on their sets, Until one day one of them told me Richie you have a good taste to choose tracks, good ear, plus people follow you, you should be a DJ!!!

That was the key!!! of the dream that Im following now.

Today Im so passionately dedicated to bringing all of my fans around the World, the very best of the (EDM) industry through my mixtapes for your pleasure and enjoyment.

My musical core style is a deep groove fusion sound of rythms, beats, drums and alternating tempos reflective of my South American heritage.

My Latin roots are always audibe through out my musical style with key influences from present time World music and particularly the latest in mix grooves to pump it up!

So yeah, I’m originally from the city of Arica- Chile now living and loving it on the Gold Coast, Australia.

I love to mix and blend together new and old musical styles from Spanish and English tracks to create a unique audio experience including diverse musical styles and influences of :

Reggae, Rock, Pop, Salsa ,Indi, roots,R&B, folk, Cumbias, Reggaeton, Moombathon with a variety of electronica such as:

Electro house, progressive, trance, trap, dubstep.

My musical influences are always changing because I’m the type of guy who’s in constant search of new and fresh original vibrant sounds to work with as

I find it keeps me ultra motivated and excited.

It also keeps me dialed in too whats happening all around the World with the latests trend in the dance music scene.

If i have to name Bands and DJ’s that’ve been an influence on me as a DJ, here’s a few:

Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Santana, Manu Chao, Latin Bitman, Sumo, Los Pericos, Jimmy Hendrix, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Damian Marley, Danzig, REM, Diplo, Major Lazer, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Bro Safari and many many more.

Ive been working as DJ since 2008, traveling around the world and sharing good times, music and friendships with people of many diverse cultures and backgrounds.

I’ve come to understand how people react when certain type of sounds interact together to create that “special vibe” that transport you to another state of emotions.

I guess I just love music! and i know you do come on!

And share with my this journey!

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Richie Bugueno