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Dj Ricardo Ricci is getting more and more a rising star lately and his name will be more and more mentioned in his city Geneva, He starts his carreer as a DJ in 2003 for the Jet-Set Peoples and Ghotta. From Moscow to Dubai, and Geneva where all this peoples meeting togheter from an Amazing night experience. During his incredible All styles mixing in Famous club as B’CLUB Geneva in 2007 as resident Dj in Switzerland. Hosted by AUDEMARS-PIGUET LUXURY WATCHES family . He plays also at MAXIM’S club in Geneva in 2008 club owned by Mr PIERRE CARDIN himself ( Famous French Fashion designer ) Dj Ricardo Ricci has moved after in a club called Amnésia in Lausanne Switzerland a huge complex club… were he was the Dj Résident for more than one years … His style is an incredible mix of House, Electro – House combined.

His musical preferences are to use mixing technics combined with percusive and melodious rhythms in order to offer a cocktail called ’ The Groove ’.

At the moment Ricardo Ricci is establishing a world-wide network of promoters, producers and djs within the sector of the musical industry.

Dj Ricardo Ricci have played with artists like Yves LAROCK, STEPHANE POMPOUGNAC BENNI BENASSI, Chris Coco, Dj Ravin, to mention some. Another important part of his musical activities is the music production, where Dj Ricardo Ricci doing some wonderful tracks to goes out this new year, by exemple he’s got a track on the WMC 2010 music cd compilation actually …call " I WILL LOVE YOU " and his last album is already on ITUNES since 2007 under " I’M A LUCKY GUY " …13 tracks album and on all others digital shop renowed … So stay tune to his musical activity til the upcoming new album… call " ONE MILLION DOLLARS " everything is said…