Top 50k on The DJ List


Durban, South Africa

Progressive House, Tech House


rhipkin started out as many others have, that is having a keen interested on how best to keep the party moving. Playing his first “gig” in 1988 with two tape decks, progressing onto cd players playing guest slots at top 40 hits night spots such as the legendary Bonkers in Florida Road and Red Dog Saloon in the city centre. His selection of music however finally put him on the path of House Music and the underground scene that went with it. In 1993 rhipkin had firmly entrenched himself into the world of beat matching and vinyl. The bug clearly bitten rhipkin went on a fact finding mission, learning all the gadgets and gizmo’s he could play on. Disillusioned by the dictated scene, rhipkin went deep underground. Searching hard and long for a way to bring back the underground scene back to Durban. In 2002 he met up with Peter Taylor (12 inch Pete) who together formed “Brutal Tunes”. A perfect blend of progressive house, driving house and hard house saw “Brutal Tunes” becoming an underground name known only to those who were in the know.In 2005, 12 inch Pete and rhipkin joined forces with onbeat productions and have managed to pull off three highly successful events under the EMP banner, most noticeably was the 2nd December 2005 at the world famous 330 night club one week before Judge Jules was to play. Impressed with what they had to offer, which was severely lacking in Durban, a monthly event has been planned for the entire stretch of 2006 with EMP bring you everything from breakbeat to harddance – no commercial, no requests just banging underground music and always pushing deeper underground. And things keep climbing from here. Rhipkin along with EMP (Electronic Mayhem Project) have grown the industry in Durban and have become the forefront in bring memorable events and pure fresh dance music resulting in a new and revitalised scene. With 2006 coming to a close in a few months EMP has become a strong contender as Durbans top dance event organisers.