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While most kids his age were collecting baseball cards, he was collecting records. As most kids were playing with toys, his toys were a turntable and the magic behind a piece of vinyl with sounds coming out of it. It had a beat that wasn’t familiar to him, a certain sound that he’s never heard before, that’s distinctly more than just instruments. That sound is Dance music, but not just any form of music, music that made you move your body.

Naturally, at 12 years old Reza Gerami realized that he’s born into nightlife as his father owned a nightclub and his mother was a natural born dancer. Fusing the two relative elements in his bloodline that sparked the sheer love for wanting to make Dance music a part of who he is in all aspects. Growing up during the last days of Disco, dance music didn’t quite end there for Reza. He quickly fed off of the 80s with New wave, Retro, Latin Freestyle and the raw essence of rebellion that is Punk.

Maintaining a record collection isn’t easy when you’re young. A newspaper route was in order to keep what started out as a hobby in collecting vinyl to having it as a necessary tool for being a DJ. To add fuel to the already burning fire, his parents being supportive as they should be, sent him to Dubai where he briefly studied music, getting a first hand course in Classical, Jazz, Swing and World Music. Which wasn’t really needed to confirm his true cause to pursue music.

Shortly, after coming back to the states Reza’s natural entrepreneurial instincts quickly jumpstarted his creative energies allowing him to put together school dances and events, which later developed to Reza producing his own brand of outlaw parties and events. With his parties reaching early success at its minimal crowd size of 300-5000, subsequently at his own party was where he came to realize there’s infinitely more use to a pair of turntables than his gramophone.

Since that one evening, something had triggered within himself to see the connection; the DJ, the records and the collective instrument that transcends the music. With that in mind, the ‘DJ’ moniker would find its way in front of the name Reza. But not without the hard work, self-disciplined and strong personal ethics for earning professional credibility rather than just self-billing; ultimately is what makes DJ Reza stands out from the rest of the bunch.

Not a shred of ego to selfishly self bill as the headline and never recognizing an urgency to impress his DJ peers. He finds himself to be more adaptable in the backroom at his own comfort level rather than center stage out in his own shindigs. Remaining humble and true to his natural confidence, the small but growing core of his crowd started to gain awareness and an ever-growing audience that dispel the mainstream and on the borders of establishment, gave momentum drawing forth overwhelming support and embrace for DJ Reza.

Self-taught to blend, matching up the beats and the art of mixing, it was not coincidence that DJ Reza devoted his time and efforts to what started out as a hobby to being a true enthusiast to the electronic dance culture. Aside from his duties as founder of Go Ventures, one of America’s leading purveyor of dance music events attracting crowds of at least 20,000 per, respectively. Arming himself with a decade of experience in the nightlife business, countless chance encounters and working with some of the world’s most notable and renowned DJ talents and artists.

His style is limitless with an enormous bound of continuous energy that can’t be matched. It’s House with a lot of different twists, from funky to tribal, vocally charged to dub deep, nothing’s ever set or the same when he’s on the decks to herds of crowds across America. Freshly delivered and always good to the last beat.

Still somehow DJ Reza finds a way to seek definition on why Dance music will always be his first love. It’s when he’s on the decks he is together as one with the people, it’s the energy and vibe that speaks for itself. The music creates the atmosphere to an environment he’s long known and merely a product of his own devotion. Passionately, he’s ready to give it his all to break boundaries and stereotypes that Dance music is just another phase.

The end is never fertile for this self-motivated musical director always keeping an eye on what’s next? He’s ready to take on new responsibilities as DJ Reza and soon the rest of the world will embrace his unstoppable energy. Finding out why he was eager on building his own studio and determined to spend 16-hour days teaching and learning about the production of music.

Already with 4 original tracks independently spread out locally, he’s more than ready to present to the rest of the world his own signature of unadulterated beats shaken but not stirred with a little disco, funk and lots of energy. Original production and remixes are sure to spotlight his diverse musical influences and creative intentions.