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Reuben Keeney, remember the name, as in the next few years we bet you’re going to be hearing this name over and over again.

From Letterkenney in Ireland, Reuben is just 18 years old, and has for the last 4 years been making dance music to what can only be described as an extraordinary level for someone so young.

Where to start ? Well for someone so young, the ability to make defining moment house music for crowds, when you haven’t been to nightclubs to see what works on a dancefloor has to be mentioned, so does the fact that Reuben is a chameleon, making underground cuts that get played by Sasha, Digweed, Dave Seamen et al, and then making a beautifully subtle crossover vocal track with friend Glenn Rosborough which has grabbed the attention of Toolrooms main label, needless to say, this was instantly snapped up.

With one record signed to Toolroom, another has quickly followed, this one a more club based track, called Estatue.

Moving on we could mention the records signed to Audio Therapy, Smack, Juicy Music or the remixes for Funkagenda, Mauro Picotto, Seb Fontaine. But what really stands out, is the age, all this has been done before Reubens 18th birthday in June 2010.

In 2009 Reuben was nominated aged just 16 for the Irish Dance Music Awards in the category of ‘best newcomer’ this he then won….

In 2010 aged 17 he was nominated in the best artist category for the same awards alongside Phil Keiran, Fish Go Deep, John O Callaghan et al, he didn’t win, but to be nominated at 17 is no mean feat !!

This is a young man who is taking this seriously, in turn the people around him are taking him seriously, and so they should.

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