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Retronym Beatport


Retronym is two parts Formula and Fingz; a pair of DJ/Producers who met whilst working at Rival FM in 2002; both had solid DJing backgrounds; wired into the mainframe of electronic dance music Formula’s style is hard and aggressive with an element of surprise and has graced Essence FM, High on Life, World Dance Radio, Vinyl Radio, and Devious Events @ M20, whilst Fingz represents with the funk, bringing trademark scratches and bags of hip hop attitude grafted from venues and events like the Total Eclipse Festival, World Music Festival, Sunday Funk @ Escape, Masterchefs, Hot FM, Supreme FM, and Y2K FM.

They soon found themselves regularly playing the same gigs around the south east of England like Battle of the MC’s, Breakology, and High On Life, and on radio at Essence FM and Rival FM; so the duo teamed up to tear up dancefloors with their choice cuts and instinctive knowledge of creating vibes.

As a pair they’ve already made a good start on the major south east drum and bass events; Feetlab @ The Waterfront, Battle of the MC’s, and Devious vs. Breakology, they’ve also been playing out weekly on Club246 Radio based in Canada and are looking forward to creating fireworks at nights all over the country.

Formula and Fingz only make up two parts of Retronym’s production trio; both had been working in studios for some time when they hooked up with engineer Kali in 2003. The trio have set out on a mission to create phat ugly beats and sick bass lines with an aim to become mainstays of the UK drum and bass scene. Their style varies from a dark techy sound to pure jump up and has been gaining good responses from names like Mampi Swift, Nicky Blackmarket, and Dice. New release Swarm/Life Hz is out now.