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Res Q Videomix

Paris, France

Open Format, Reggae / Dub

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Dj Res-Q, trendsetter and passionate!

✰ Visual Artist

✰ Official Bumsquaddjz World Wide & Sound Force DJs

VDJ consultant Kaith Skool Paris

✰ Official VideoUpdate.TV Video Editor Remixer

✰ Official CariVibez TV VDJ

✰ Official The Crane Stand ambassador

✰ Official VDJ Dakar Fashion Week

✰ Picture the Sound tour: France, South Korea, Japan, Big Bear, Las Vegas, New Caledonia, Senegal…

✰ Official Rane DJ Serato MixEmergency VDJ MixMove 2011, 2012, 2013

✰ Official Monster Energy VDJ New Caledonia

✰ Finalist at the 2012 MixMove DJ Video competition

✰ Japan Music Week Festival Oficial Video DJ

- Multi-talented, open format, all around entertainer and crowd please, DJ Res-Q produces an out of this world audio-video show: « Picture The Sound »

Res-Q is a pioneer at the forefront of the music nightlife, with his interactive Live Video Mix patrons are in 21st century entertainment.

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