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Repo Men

Melbourne, Australia

Electro House, House

Submissive Records
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Both very enthusiastic about the dance music culture, DJ Don and DJ Berkz (Shehan Don and Berkan Ciftcioglu) teamed up in early 2011 to collaborate together as ‘Repo Men’. Having both already produced their own originals, remixes and boot legs themselves, the pair are now also working together to produce under the ‘Repo Men’ name. The pair both delved into DJing and producing between the ages of 15-16 and have a wide range of musical tastes. Dropping tracks from the minimal, trance and house genre. The pair are set to DJ at upcoming underages. Keep an eye out for the Repo Men, their star will only shine brighter.We also release tracks under our own names, when a track is released solely from Berkz it is more of a trance project, when released solely by The Don it will be more of a minimal/house project. But the main thing we want our listeners to understand is that the Repo Men are not genre set, when producing under the Repo Men name, we produce anything and everything, not just one genre.