Top 50k on The DJ List

Reny Mora

United States


Reny Mora is a mile above the rest. Up and coming DJ from the dirty streets of his town Denver, Colorado. Reny has big plans for the future of Trance, he plans that in the next five years to be able to go on tour with the top ten DJ’s on this web site which by that time he will be in the top ten. His goal is to be one of the best if not the best. Reny is a guy, who hangs out with lads and ladets at the clubs, goes to record stores to look for new hits, and bumps to the local DJ’s, he likes meeting other DJ’s who spin trance music he loves to see what he can learn from that individual. Reny loves to have fun, but don’t get it twisted when it comes to music he’s serious about it, Reny is currently attending the Community College of Denver in the heart of down town Denver. He plans to major in a Pharmaceutical career, so he can have something to fall back on after he wants to retire from spinning which will probably be never. Quote from his friend Horacio “yo Reny is sick I know that one day he be the king of trance music, he is a whole other person when you get him behind his turntables, it’s crazy that he doesn’t have a deal yet”. Quote from his lad Oscar “Reny mixes from dusk till dawn, he has hundreds of mixes, if he would put his least best on a record it would sell like no other”. With the support from his friends and family Reny is guaranteed to be one of the top DJ’s soon.

Word from Reny.

I look up to alot of DJ’s I learn alot of things from fellow comrades even if there worse than me because I remember when I started and I could say I was like that guy (or gal) I have been told to always follow my dreams and the dream that I have I know that there are a million other people with the same dream as me but I am one of the lucky ones that will change the electronic music industry, for better.

“I’m as tight as hot pancakes on a Sunday morning….”