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Renegade Usa

New York, United States

House, Progressive House

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DJ Renegade started off his DJ career in Wayne New Jersey, where he grew up as “Robert B. Simonton Jr.”, in 1986 in the hope of one day making a living out of DJ’ing. After making many DJ mixtapes and distributing them to local teens, party offers started coming in and he was soon off and running on his new DJ career.

DJ Renegade worked his way up through the ranks of various Dance Clubs until he reached the top spot of NYC’s now extinct Tunnel nightclub where he twice held Main Floor DJ residencies.

DJ Renegade previously had become an influential nightclub DJ in 1992 at NYC’s famed Limelight nightclub where he helped mold out what would eventually become “Progressive House” with his DJ partner at the time, DJ Corbett.

Never one to limit his artistic growth, DJ Renegade trademarked his DJ name and started traveling throughout the United States of America where he was inspired to begin creating his own music and form his own record label.

Opening the Mixed CD label “NYC Mixed CDs” in 1999, DJ Renegade was finally able to fulfill his dream of producing high quality legal DJ Mixed CDs. His first DJ mixed CD “Summer Madness 1999” was the first EVER DJ Mixed CD to utilize radio advertisements and large scale promotions in major retail outlets such as Sam Goody and Tower Records. “Summer Madness 1999” was the “Pick of the Month” for Dance Music on DJ Renegade’s first DJ mixed CD went on to sell 1,500 units before Renegade’s investor got nervous and pulled out the funding for the project.

Never one to let things bother him, Renegade regrouped after suffering a major loss of his DJ Residency at the Tunnel which came soon after police raided and closed down the venue for good. DJ Renegade was then moved over by loyal promoters to his new DJ home at Exit2 nightclub where he played alongside DJs such as Tiesto and Riz only to suffer another loss of a residency for fighting with a club manger for failing to “turn down the music” just as a vibe was taking over the room. Renegade TO THIS DAY still supports that particular decision and has no regrets.

DJ Renegade started “NYC Traxx Records” in 2001 and released the labels first single “Sexbomb!” by DJ Renegade with Playboy Magazine’s featured “Sexbomb!” Kerry Roberts on vocals which was quickly licensed for the dance compilation.

Although the track slammed through local clubs, it did little in the way of sales which is why Renegade then decided to turn to producing more mainstream dance music.

DJ Renegade’s first commercial project was titled “Angel” by Robbins Entertainment and WKTU featured recording artist Aubrey and is a Madonna cover. The track was eventually licensed to Ultra Records.

DJ Renegade has then took his career to a new level by DJ’ing for VH1’s “Save the Music Foundation” alongside Maroon 5 and Space Hog at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. The MC’s for the evening were Mariah Carey and then president Bill Clinton. The event raised over $150,000.00 to provide for children’s instruments in the classroom.

DJ Renegade is a federally protected trademark in the USA. Since others use the name in different parts of the world, he uses DJRenegadeUSA when traveling.