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Reneek, but his real name is Rene interested in music as a child. He started piano lessons from age 7. His first meeting with the mixer was in Rondo Club on New Year’s Eve Disco. After this first amateur experience as a DJ he found out that he likes this job and then he got interesting in music and look forward to learn more about it. First gigs has in Rondo Club, where he get to know the other DJs gradually becomes a resident of this club. After 2 years of residence is Rondo Club closed and Reneek is focused on a other, less commercial style of music.

Meanwhile, Reneek had the opportunity to play at various parties with different people on the east of Slovakia. The exeption is Sirius Club in Brezno, where he played resident night. People with whom he played at parties are for example Charlie Cluber (Charlie Clubbers), Laddy M (Charlie Clubbers), Fresh Clubber (Charlie Clubbers), Paul Boski, Peetboy (Hungary), Stame (radio Europa 2), Pepo (radio Kiss) and many more…

In the middle of year 2010 Reneek begin to produce his own music and shortly, in the end of December 2010 issued his first EP called “Amafeel“ by music label from London. The name is named from his first track and means “Amazing Feel“. Mentioned EP contains 3 original tracks and it’s available in all known MP3 e-shops. After releasing it Reneek continues to producing and sign a contract with another music label. After 2 months is his new track “Sunrise“ on V.A. compilation Trident Music Vol. 23.

Reneek continues in production and djing…