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Rene A.K.A. Maker

Zagreb, Croatia

House, Progressive House

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He has been involved in production since the age of 20. At the very beginning he used REASON (1, 2, 2.5, 3), and later he discovered CUBASE SX as a supplement to Reason and started to use it. He bought ROLAND (Edirol) keyboard and since gets the best of it. At the beginning of year 2004 he sent promo CD of his production work to the show SPACETIME that is hosted by DJ Jay-C at the Open Radio. The jury of Spacetime chose his song “VONO” for their compilation being published by Dancing Bear. His production is versatile, from house to tech and deep house, to progressive, and even techno.

His introduction to record players, vinyl and production happened at the age of 20. He learnt how to play at old techno records, but he always loved tech/progressive house music. Rene plays at turntables and CD players. His playing technique cannot be clearly defined because he plays everything, from house to techno, but mostly tech/progressive house. He was playing at some famous Croatian club’s & places like: Boogaloo club (Zagreb), The Best (Zagreb), To’kica (Zagreb), Labirint (Zagreb), Aquarius (Zagreb), Sokol Club (Zagreb), Global Club (Zagreb), Dvorana Pauk (Zagreb), Fanatic (Zagreb), Londoner (Zagreb), BPM Club (Osijek), Mikleuska Open Air (Kutina), Fort Bourguignon (Pula), The Cube (ex. Oasis) (Pula), Monte Serpente (Pula), Club 5th Element (Pula), Next (Li’njan), La Habana Night Club (Opatija), The End Club (Rabac), Golubiera Beach (Sunrise Festival), Girandella Beach, Marlera Beach Bar (Li’njan-Pula), Bura Beach Bar (Li’njan-Pula), Club Marko (Gospi’), Simfonija (Postojna, Slovenija) Lava & Ignite Club (Middlesbrough), and also he was guest couple time at Open Radio Station, Plavi 9 station and on pushfm where he was have live dj set. Also he was playing at Norijada 2005 in Zagreb where was 10000 peoples (he playing at truck which was drive trough all Zagreb). He was playing with some big names like: Mario DeBellis, Aril Brikha, Asad Rizvi, Andy Ward a.k.a. Soulcentral & Barbara Tucker, Lars Klein, Petar Dundov, Veztax, Crazy Lemon, Mr. DJ Dario, etc…

International gig’s: Lava&Ignite Club (Middlesbrough, UK) – 21.04.2006, Simfonija Club (Slovenija) – 21.10.2006 / 17.03.2007, Beduin Bar (London, UK) – 01.06.2007, The Gate Club (London, UK) – 02.06.2007

He was have releases at some famous labels like Afroboogie Records, CP Recordings, Total Wipes Production, and he wait for release at South American House Records run by Marcelo Castelli…

He have production support from world famous DJs and producers like: Steve Porter, Marcello Castelli, Low end Specialists, Nicky Delgado, Luca Ricci, Ariel Cybana, Taner K, Chris Michalis, Randall Jones, Night Architeks, Paul Hughes (Energy FM), Pilliavin & Zimbardo, Eric Entrena, Ivano Bellini, Deepsky, Rob Lemon, Saeed Younan and so many more!!!!

Organization: Fort Bourguignon (Pula) – Promoter (from 2004-2006), The End Club (Rabac) – Promoter (Summer 2006), Oasis (Pula) – Promoter (2005-2006), Bura Beach Bar (Liznjan-Pula) – Promoter (summer 2005 & 2006)

He have cooperation with some world famous & Croatian DJs like: Asad Rizvi, Lars Klein, Afroboogie, Marcelo Castelli, Tony Thomas, Petar Dundov, Crazy Lemon…