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Renaissance Man

Helsinki, Finland


Black Ocean, Dubsided, Made To Play
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Renaissance Man – A view by Jenna Sutela

Three years ago, in a Helsinki architecture office, two men of unquenchable curiosity and feverishly inventive imagination create a third: Renaissance Man comes to life. Stretching their conceptions of time (and space) spent productively, houses turn into house, days into nights.

In a parallel universe of their own – one of abstract dance music and polymathic projects – Renaissance Man effortlessly combines the applied science of sound waves with the art of alchemy, concocting an ultimate elixir of life for international nightclubs and creative societies alike.

Navigating the multiverse, from Paris catwalks to historical sets of adult entertainment, Renaissance Man’s next undertaking, the eponymous ‘Renaissance Man Project’, reaches towards an event horizon beyond which the future becomes difficult to understand or predict. It leaves us no other choice than to dance away, into a tomorrow unknown.

Renaissance Man Discography:


Spraycan EP , Dubsided, 2009

Aloha EP , Sound Pellegrino, 2009

“Rythym” on Kitsuné Maison 7, Kitsuné / June 7th 2009

“Flute Loop” on Fluokids Scion Sampler, Scion AV 2010

“Answers” , Sound Pellegrino April 2010 (with Teki Latex)

Babbadabba EP , May 24th 2010, Made To Play

Brainstorm EP , August 2010, Made To Play


Harvard Bass – 81 (Renaissance Man Remix), Sound Pellegrino,2009

Crystal Fighters – Xtatic Youth(Renaissance Man Remix), Kitsuné, 2009

Sharkslayer – So Sincere (Renaissance Man Remix) , Ramp Records / Real Monsters 2009

Brodinski & Noob – Peanuts Club (Renaissance Man Remix), Turbo 2009

Sissy Nobby – Lay Me Down(Renaissance Man Remix), Mixpack Records 2009

Delphic – Counterpoint (Renaissance Man Remix), Modular Records 2009

DJ Chernobyl & Braga – Balanca (Renaissance Man Remix), Exploited 2009

Health – Death + (Renaissance Man Remix), City Slang 2009

Le Corps Mince De Francoise – Golden (Renaissance Man Remix), Kitsune 2009

Solo – Afreaka(Renaissance Man Remix), Deadfish 2010

Crookers – Hold Up Your Hand (Renaissance Man Remix) Southern Fried 2010

Pony Hoax – Bankers (Renaissance Man Remix) Abracada 2010

Norman Palm – Easy (Renaissance Man Remix) , City Slang 2010

David E Sugar – Partykiller (Renaissance Man Remix), Sunday Best 2010

The Very Best – Nsokoto (Renaissance Man Remix), Moshi Moshi 2010

Barbara Panther – Empire (Renaissance Man Remix), City Slang 2010

Lil Jinder – Youth Blood (Renaissance Man Remix), Ministry Of Sound UK 2010

Worthy – Big Perm (Renaissance Man Remix), Discobelle 2010

Azari & III – Into The Night (Renaissance Man Remix), Turbo 2011

Wareika – Burnin (Renaissance Man Remix), Tartelet Records 2011

CHMMR – Tuaetae (Renaissance Man Remix), Relish 2011

Who Made Who – Every Minute Alone (Renaissace Man Remix), Kompakt 2011

The Swiss – Double orNothing (Renaissance Man Remix), Modular 2011

The Touch – Sermon (Renaissance Man Remix), Kitsune 2011

Processory – Kurzweil (Renaissance Man Remix) , Sugarcane Records 2011