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Remo Con

Tokyo, Japan

Hard Dance, Techno

Anjunabeats, dieTunes, Hellhouse Digital
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Japan’s long time hidden treasure Remo-Con is finally ready to spread his wings globally.

Remo-Con has produced literally hundreds of tracks yet it was not until he caught the eye of Japan’s international superstar that things really began to take off. Yoji Biomehanika, recognized Remo’s youthful talent and instantly released ’G-Sigh", “Streams” and “Atavism” through his label, HELLHOUSE Recordings. This in turn delivered Remo-Con into the world and a new star was born.

Already labeled as one of the most sought after DJ’s and Producers in Japan, Remo-Con has also exploded onto the international stage. When your tracks are being pumped out by some of the biggest names in the world, you automatically gain the acceptance and support of the international dance community. Not to mention that Remo has also remixed the likes of Johan Gielen, System-F, and has had Mac & Mac, Bart Classen, Dave 202 and A.S.Y.S. (to name a few) remixing his own tracks.

Always pushing the limits and doing what he can to stay one step ahead, Remo-Con is ready to leave the shores of Japan and head out into the world. Under the watchful eye of Yoji Biomehanika, Remo-Con is ready to touch down for the first time in Australia in 2007. This will most undoubtedly be one of the most talked about tours in Australia this year.

The past few years have been kind to Remo-Con and 2007 is no exception. With a number of new releases and remixes up his sleeve, 2007 will finish only as a gateway to the world in 2008.