Reign Beatport


Born in upstate NY. Robert Gregg (aka DJ Reign) moved to Orlando in 1994. He would regularly attend SIN night at House of Blues were his love for electronic music was born. One night at a small event on South Beach know as Ultra Music Festival something magical happened. Robert watched as the DJ’s would move the crowd. Realizing that this was a spiritual experience he felt this calling from deep within. Beyond the music. Beyond the voices. Something kept calling to him. Reign started moving the wheelz of steel about 5 years ago. Searching for that perfect set. That magic night were the whole crowd could be lifted up and taken to that place. Playing various parties and underground events through out the state of Florida. Watching other DJ’s and learning while playing in various clubs such as Headlights, Hurricanes, Club 311, The bridge, Club 301 and the Orient Club. Playing underground parties such as Rise, Castles in the Sand I & II and Spaced Camp. Formerly a member of South Florida Raves Artist management. Reign took a year off from spinning and has now returned in full affect.