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Mountain View, United States

AKA: Marevie Tepora

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Entertainment never ran in my blood stream – I was brought into it. With a strong background in Piano, the love for performing in front of a large audience without having to say a word, was always something that was meant to be. On camera experience, acting classes and graduating from Barbizon modeling school was all that a little girl could ever dream of. Growing up, this shifted as I told my Mum that I wanted to see what this whole “DJ” thing was all about.

I found myself in a DJ school learning from Rocky Rock of the Fingerbangers crew. By 1998, I was the 12 year old in a class with a bunch of guys, my Mum and I not knowing that “DJ-ing” was a male dominated industry.

By 2002, I was recruited by Raw Entertainment as the youngest DJ on the team … and the only girl. During this time, I was still doing freelance modeling and joined a dance team, Versatyle Styles. Balancing school, modeling, dancing and learning the industry as a young DJ was a balancing act! By the time I landed an internship at 102.5 KDON right out of high school, I knew that this was my calling above anything else.

By competing as a dancer, it opened doors for me as a DJ with Hot Import Nights and Hot Import Days. I opened up on the Pepsi, Mazda and XM stages – although I was barely 18 at the time, I learned consistency is key with creating my brand as “Reflecta,” just by observing the marketing tactics of these huge events. Because of my internship at the radio station, I retained the image of a Hip Hop, RnB and Top 40 DJ.

Clearly known as the youngest female DJ in the Bay Area, times have changed and revealed that Hip Hop was never my main focus as I got older. I started in 98’ as a trance DJ and trickled on to playing House. I preferred it.With the movement of music on this side of the coast, I had to stay a float and give in to other genres. I might not have liked it – but if I’m going to play it, I made a point to make sure my execution was flawless.

In 2005, I had became Raw Entertainment’s Head of Promotions and encouraged our street team to reach out to other colleges, events and really spread the word on upcoming gigs. I later learned that I too needed to go back to school and pursue my goals in Journalism.

I was able to slap on the suit, work the 9-5 at a desk and tried to live what those call a “regular” lifestyle. Three years into it, I went nuts. I knew something was missing and that I needed to come back as a DJ. By 2008, I made my debut at Motif in Downtown San Jose. Ever since then, I have been seen at venues such as Ruby Skye, Slide, The Cellar, Studio 8, Sabor, Qi Lounge, Milanos, Christys on the Square, The House of Blues in San Diego, San Jose Improv and a few others. I was even able to land a short spot as Babe Blvd’s Official DJ. With my spunk, I was able to host an event for KTSF’s Asian American Heritage day, appear on online radio stations as a guest and MC for gigs that required announcing live performances.

Currently in process of learning the production world, I hope to soon be able to pump out my own remixes/songs and still be able to entwine my skills as a writer with a personality for broadcast.