Started as a DJ by accident back in 1996, ReeZe has achieved the impossible by turning himself into a pro DJ in less than 6 months. This self-trained DJ felt in love with the industry after a brief introduction to a top DJ in Kuala Lumpur at that time, DJ Nikki Zulu @ Roundhead by his friend. It is the style of mixing by Nikki that made him wanted to learn how to spin.

After he bought a set of top-end DJ gears (a pair of SL1200 with a Pioneer DJM 500 and a pair of CDJ 500s), he then taught himself how to mix at home everyday, with the help of listening to lots of Ministry of Sound CDs as a guide. By trial and error, he improvised his mistakes after listening back to all his recorded mixes. All these hard works went on for nearly 6 months.

After graduating his high school and college in Perth, Australia by the end of 1999, he got his first break performing on a cruise boat at a River Cruise Party. Soon after, he secured his residency as a DJ at a club called The Chorus. A year after that, it was time for him to head back to his hometown of Kuching, where the next chapter of his DJ life really began.