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Reed Mcgowan

New York, United States

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REED McGOWAN began his music career in his hometown of New Orleans, where the jazz culture fueled the passion for his eclectic sound. He studied music theory at an early age and was trained for the opera & musical theatre, as well as choreographic design. His scholastic achievements resulted in a degree in radio production, which perpetuated his love for music & opened the door for the club scene. REED McGOWAN started spinning at The Bourbon Pub & Parade Disco in New Orleans as one of their first DJ/VJs (one of the first video jocks to beat-mix video). In 1990, he established New York City as a permanent home and has enjoyed playing in the company of many other DJ masters & legendary peers. During his 20+ years of performance, REED McGOWAN has graced the decks at such NYC nightlife institutions as: the Cock, Crobar, Eagle, Hammerstein Ballroom, Limelight, Lure, Monster, Mr. Black, Palladium, Roseland, Splash, Sullivan Room, Tunnel, and Webster Hall. His events have covered everything from fashion, fundraisers & charity events to circuit parties, private functions & Broadway cast parties.

REED McGOWAN’s production work is a testament to his ability, not only as DJ/Producer, but also as a songwriter. Destiny led him to his own original Billboard charting productions, such as the classic “Resurrect Me”, which was signed on the famed West End label & nominated for a Grammy for Dance Music. REED McGOWAN’s own compositions have been remixed by such peers as: Hex Hector, Quentin Harris, Blaze, Rich Morel,Tony Moran, Warren Rigg, Jamie J Sanchez, Midnight Society, Tim Letteer, Twisted Dee & even the legendary Tom Moulton. REED McGOWAN has also worked on remixes, productions & promo releases for such artists as: Ari Gold, Carol Jiani, Cyndi Lauper, Deborah Harry, INXS, Grace Jones, Justice, Lady GaGa, Madonna, Marty Thomas, Penguin Prison, The Presets, Rihanna, Scissor Sisters, St. Etienne, Sylvia Tosun, Ultra Nate, Young Love, etc. REED McGOWAN was honored with two 1st place songwriting awards for the Billboard Magazine World Music Contest (2001 & 2004). In 2005, he was added to the respected panel of Billboard magazine reporters and continues to contribute his input to the weekly Billboard Dance chart.

REED McGOWAN has also gained a reputation as an accomplished Video Programmer & Editor, with his works being seen in clubs all over the world…. all having been made famous at Splash Bar (NYC). Reed was also known for his adept music video mixing talents & was a pioneer in the field before it became common. After twenty-years in the industry, REED McGOWAN has moved his career to the next level with his group Empulse, a collaborative project incorporating the talents of his many DJ peers which showcases his songwriting abilities as well as his performance skills. REED McGOWAN maintains regular appearances in New York City, the US, and overseas for major events, as well as abroad. His influences are a diverse blend of mixed club genres including house, electronic, disco, soul, funk, rock, new wave, alternative, trance, techno, tribal, etc. While many DJs & producers adhere to one style, REED McGOWAN draws from a deep well of experience, and applies all that inspires him to create a distinct & engaging experience.



EMPULSE is the brainchild of DJ/Producer REED McGOWAN. Refreshingly poetic in it’s approach, the subject matter is an provocative & cathartic epithet of modern life. With this electronic crunk-punk slam on American pop culture & politics, REED mcGOWAN has opened up the dance floor to a broader spectrum of sound, as heard in the Empulse debut release of “American Idle”& “Fight The People (With Love)”…which showcases his song writing talents and hints to the many influences of dance music which have defined Reed’s unique sound over the years.