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Steve Bolger aka Redstar / Perfect Pitch / Frosted is an upcoming dj from the United States. For being 18, he’ already has quite a bit of experience in the trance industry. He first began DJing with software on his compter at the age of 14. He received his first pair of cdjs when he was 16. He’ also been an avid producer since he began producing at the age of 12. After he had his first online broadcast just 2 years ago, already he has 3 radio shows airing on 4 different radio stations. Schedule is as follows:

Aura Sessions

-airs on Party 107 ( )

-alt. sundays @ 9pm UK

Red Force Radio

-airs on 2nd saturdays on ( – Trance Channel) @ 5-8pm GMT

-3rd thursdays on Mysteria Radio ( ) @ 7-10pm GMT

Sunday Soundscapes

-he has 2 spots on Crystal Clouds’ weekly show Sunday Soundscapes, which airs on

-2nd sundays @ midnight-2am GMT monday morning and 4th sundays @ 8-9pm GMT.

Redstar has recently been put incharge of the A&R department of Sential Recordings, and stationed as the manager of Red Force Recordings. He is also an active DJ at crystal clouds ( ). With all of this under his belt (as well as highschool), Steve is one fella to watch out for in the coming years.

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