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For this Dj and producer, an early started interest for electronic music became a real passion. Kraftwerk, Gary Numan and the new-beat scene were the first big influences on his future career in music. Between ’92 and ’97 he was a resident in a local club called Amnesia. During this period, he learned how to produce music and bought the necessary equipment. Round the same time, he met Marco Bailey and they became co-producers, as well as best friends. A productive and creative team was born. This extraordinary duo released their first record in ’98, on the Forcefield label. Later on followed more products of hard labor and they released on Primate, Session, Kobayashi and many more, in total over 40 records. They are also known under the project name Soulwatcher, with several groundbreaking releases on Primevil and Invasion, for example.

In May 2000, RedHead decided to release a solo record. He met the Swedish DJ and label boss Johan Bacto and made his solo-debut on Skunkworks. Later on he released on Zync, Mankind, Session, Compressed. In June 2002 his full album release “Dragon and Sword” came out. His talent was also noticed by Monika Kruse which resulted in a release on her label, Terminal M. Nowadays, he has already released on Mb electronics, North West dynamics, Fine Audio, Primate Endangered Species, to name a few. Besides this he also did some remixes for Fine audio rec., Highland beats, Zync, Invasion, Darkhouse music, Corachi.

But this easy going guy is not only talented and well-respected as a producer, as a DJ he was voted 2nd best Belgian DJ by the readers of the respected Out soon magazine, right after his best friend Marco Bailey. He is appreciated for his specific style of djing, going from percussive loop techno to the harder schranz style.

He already played in loads of countries all over the world, like Brazil, Japan, Sweden, Malta, Ibiza, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany and Turkey. Well-known international organizations know how to appreciate this excellent turntable-artist and offered him the opportunity to perform in famous clubs like Rex (Paris), Space (Ibiza), Fuse (Brussels), Aloca and Manga Rosa (Sao Paulo), La Salla del Cel (Girona), Maniac Love (Tokyo), Zahlwerk (Vienna) and Faces (Ankara), as well as at big festivals like I Love Techno 2002, I love techno 2003, Nature One in Germany and Rave on snow in Austria.

In Belgium, he’s one of the residents at the popular techno nation parties at Silo Leuven and his fans can admire him also on a regularly base at the an exclusive night with parties.

In the end of 2003 he did his first mix cd for “more favorite tools” from Austria. This cd contained 19 straight pumping techno tracks.

In the near future, Redhead will release the first records of his very own label, called Red Factory Recordings, and this will not be the last thing you hear about this guy!