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Tamworth, United Kingdom

E-Mission Music, Rip Digital, Ritual Music
Redanka Beatport


Sounds and styles change dramatically in club-orientated music, as do the DJ’s and producers who create it. However, there are a couple of things that need to remain constants if you want to stay in the game – quality and consistency.

Andy Holt or – as he’s more widely known amongst the dance music fraternity – Redanka, has over the past 15 years or so delivered a plethora of tracks that Embody that ethos, some of which are truly worthy of the title ‘classic’.

From his legendary partnership with Chris ‘Tarrentella’ Bourne as Tarrentella : Redanka at the beginning of the century, his collaboration with New York City club kings Danny Tenaglia and Satoshi Tomiie as DATAR and Graffik respectively, all the way through to his recent work with rock icons U2, the stamp of quality and consistency has been firmly imprinted on his musical output. His client list reads like a who’s who of the music industry – Fatboy Slim, Faithless, Happy Mondays, INXS, Snow Patrol, Delerium, Darren Emerson and the afore mentioned U2 are just a few of the global superstars who have over the years utilised Andy’s production skills to maximum effect. Add to this the countless underground dance artists that he’s turned his hand to and it’s not difficult to see why he continues to be in demand as a producer, remixer and also an engineer.

Never one to follow trends, Andy has always endeavoured to put his own slant on the club sounds of the day. Of course there are influences there from the techno, house and progressive genres, but also rock and ambient styles are evident in his music. His DJ sets are the same too – never staying on one sound for too long, changing, evolving and mutating from one style to another while retaining the energy to keep the club rocking.

Now, here in 2011, he’s ready to embark on a new mission – an ‘E-Mission’ to be precise. E-Mission Music is the record label Andy has set up to release not only his own future output, but anything he comes across that fits the criteria of what E-Mission stands for – quality E-lectronic music with soul. It’s time to warm up the machines and prepare for what promises to be an interesting sonic ride. Get on board.