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Reda Briki

New York, United States


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French-Algerian DJ, Reda Briki, his an international Music Producer, DJ and overall “do-gooder”, delivers exotic funky sets of tribal beats and uplifting house, combining infectious Arab percussion while mixing the horns of Miles Davis and the strings of George Benson. Reda brings both the passion and knowledge of diverse ethnic sound, making him best known for playing cultural energetic sets and keeping the crowd constantly moving. Before rising to the ranks as an international DJ, Reda started as a professional dancer mastering Jazz and Hip Hop while touring with a Parisian troupe through Europe, Japan, and the United States. He is also an accomplished trumpet player. Both his skills as a dancer and a musician have spearheaded him into becoming one of NYC most popular DJs.

As a New York City fixture he is now the resident DJ and Lead Music Producer for Disorient, a Burning Man theme camp. He has also been included in line-ups with global heavy hitters like Francois K, Danny Krivit and Hex Hector at Do It and Ben Watt at Canal Room. Reda produced several compilation albums for aid organizations including “Life is a Dance Kid” which benefits the children of Uganda and “Silky Road” co-produced by Tim Fielding which benefits the building of schools in Afghanistan. As a producer he co-produced and assisted Shan Nicholson on “Body and Soul,” “Tantra” and “Bring on the Night”. He has also worked with legends like Tedd Patterson, Behrouz, Eddie Amador, Julius Miguel Migs, Marques Wyatt and Mark Farina.

In teaming up with Disorient, Reda has also become an Event Producer creating themed weekly and monthly events focused on delivering powerful DJs and music. He co-produced Sahara, a weekly NYC dance party. He is now producing LOVE THAT FEVER a monthly themed dance party in NYC, Montreal and Miami which celebrates the soul and energy of Studio 54’s disco era.

Reda can be found playing in Morrocco’s Transahara, UK’s Secret Garden, Nevada’s Burning Man, Cairo’s The gift Trilogy and Punta Del Este’s for the Jet Setter.

“Reda knows just how to keep the crowd movin’ with a lot of uplifting energy — keeping the vibe alive.” – DJ Miguel Migs

“He knows what’s goin’ on on the dance floor because he plays with the crowd. His energy is flowing, spicing the meal like the greatest chef,” – DJ Behrouz Nasari.