Red Eye Beatport


Born: Irvine, California

RED-EYE (Kris G) begun his fascination with Sound and Music back in ’94. He started experimenting with various sound programs on his personal computer. Toiling away the nights and needing more, eventually led to him buying his first piece of gear a Roland Juno Alpha 1. At the time of this purchase, he would have never of known the addiction of what was to come and how he could then shape his career to his liking.

Over the years he has been honing his Sound Design skills in Video Games and Producing/Remixing Funky/French House tracks quietly in his home studio and work studio. He currently resides in sunny Santa Monica, California as a Sound Designer for a local major Video Game developer/publisher. After much money spent and many, many hours producing, RED-EYE has recently ventured out to release his tracks to the public as well as getting his hands dirty with professional remixing.

His major influences are the French House pioneers Daft Punk, Olav Basoski, DJ Dan, Future Sound of London, Underworld and The Chemical Brothers. In the past he has had his tracks/remixes “West Coast”, “Tribal Gathering” and DV Rocks – “HCMFâ€? (Redeye Remix) played by Olav Basoski on his past radio show in Holland, Rootz Radio. He has most recently been collaborating with DJ David Garcia, HighSpies (Scott and Ching), DJ DLG, JonLePhunk of Granite and Phunk, Mario Ochoa, AndreWz, Sean Johnson and CONS.

On the Sound Design side of things, he is currently working on 1-2 high profile games to be released in 2005.

Kris G’s past credits for Sound Design in Video Games include: Spider-man 2: The Movie Game (Activision)(PS2,XBOX,GC); Spider-man 1 : The Movie Game (Activision)(PS2,XBOX,GC); Minority Report (Activision)(PS2,XBOX,GC); NHL2k3 (SEGA)(PS2,XBOX,GC); NHL2k2 (SEGA)(Dreamcast); Kelly Slater Surfing (Activision)(PS2,XBOX,GC).

RED-EYE has only just begun and the best is yet to come!