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With the mIllenium it started a strong company .We want to start some projects together like to produce our first vinyl. In collaboration with Q-Lab Records we produced some high-quality tracks. They were released under the projectname „Ghostriders“ on many different labels. We made our second experience in 2003 with the „Galaxy X“ party series, that – we are sure – is still in the minds of the over 2000 visitors.

Till this day we got some gig’s at great venues and events in Switzerland, for example: Goliath 12, Goliath Club Tour 2004, Mainstation ZH or international gig’s in Italy, Germany, San Marino, Czech Republic and Austria.

In a close collaboration with DJ SubSonic, Turning Wheel Records we learn the producing trade.

After an intensive and persistent recording studio assignment we got a new Release “We are under Attack” which has been released 11 times on 6 different labels. In 2010 Red Devils can be listened live in Netherland, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Portugal and all around Switzerland.