Location: Bitola, Macedonia Macedonia
Genre: Techno


Language: English

With traces of melancholy and mystique, the modern and peculiar sound of Saso Recyd has been captivating the attention of the pickiest of techno consumers in the past decade. Belongs to the first generation of electronic music producers in Macedonia.

Saso has been working hard on developing his own distinguishable sound, which is coming along with phenomenal success. Saso’s talent goes far beyond producing and stretches into DJ-ing, as well. His dynamic, urban and special- vibe- creating sound bridges generation gaps whereas his compelling, mind- blowing and highly imaginative, yet beautifully simple mixing continually raises the bar and makes you want more.

The invigorating freshness and the mighty sophistication his sound bears make Saso Recyd one of the few genuine entertainers who stirs up the dance floor with relative ease. As a natural perfectionist and a dedicated hard worker, Saso keeps on producing mesmerizing music which will soon be revealed to the audience worldwide.



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