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San Diego, United States

Drum & Bass

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    Tue 19th December 9 PM
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Been a Junglist for 15+yrs. Helped promote my 1st party back in 1996 called “Future World”, held at the San Diego Convention Center. Ten years later I started throwing shows around the Southern California area, but mainly in San Diego. Started Dj’ing in 2003 and got my first taste of joining the Dj circuit in 2005. Founder of West Coast Pressure Radio running 3+yrs strong now on every Wednesday from 5-7pm PST/8-10pm EST. Mainly a Jungle Drum + Bass DJ, but I’ve branched out and now play Dubstep + Electro as well. I also enjoy mashing up all of these genres in the same set, with the emphasis still being predominantly Jungle D+B.

A member of GoneJahMen Crew, Dub Chamber Recordings + Boomcast.