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After every single gig that Rebekah has done promoters have been so impressed with her mixing abilities, funked up music style, rolling bass lines and DJing flair that numerous repeat bookings have been made and residencies have been secured. Whilst overcoming peoples perceptions Rebekah is constantly exceeding the expectations of club promoters and their crowds this was the year when people were forced to take notice, particularly with her cover story on M8 last October 2003.

Kitch Bitch Recordings: Rebekah has enjoyed success with the first 3 tracks released on her label.

Kitch Bitch 1 Weekend Habit

Kitch Bitch 2 Just Another Groove

Kitch Bitch 3 Radius Dreams

Kitch Bitch 4 Work in progress

Rebekah is currently holding the following residencies: Dusted Pacha London Serious Cross London House Party, Reading Promise Hidden Birmingham Casino Zap Brighton Frisky Legends Northampton

Below some of the clubs Rebekah plays for: Funkissential and Afterssential Ministry of Sound London Fez Club Cambridge The Coach, Bainbridge Godskitchen Air Birmingham Gallery Turnmills London Moneypennys Good Greef, Manchester Smirnoff Party SE one