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Reaky is an electronic music producer from Maribor, Slovenia who developed unique “driving” hybrid between more music genres, especially techno and trance. He started his DJ/Producer career more than a decade ago, but the most successful were the last few years… releases on leading trance & techno labels, appearances in mixes, radio shows and CD compilations of world’s greatest DJs, frequently occupying top places of many trance & techno charts, collecting air miles over the world… As a child Reaky has been vaccinated against boring music, so expect a lot of energy in his sets :)

• • • QUICK FACTS • • •

DJ since: 2000 / Producer since: 1999

Style: Drive & Energy – Underground Progressive-Trance-Techno …

Appeared on: 30 vinyl releases, 100 digital releases, 10 CD compilations …

Released on labels: Perfecto, Discover Dark, Penetration Nation, Patterns, Yin Yang, Pharmacy Music, Hellhouse, Hook, Propulsion, Feided, Kearnage, Omega Audio, Analog Mode, Relatives, Insane Life, Soul Access, Sound Evolution, Techhead, Techment, Toyfriend, Standbite, Emphatic, Vibrate Sounds …

Performed in countries: Argentina, Austria, BiH, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine

Made remixes for many great artists: Christopher Lawrence & Sean J Morris, John Askew, Activa, Remo-Con, Southsoniks, Sagitaire aka Hemstock and Jennings, Lee Haslam, Fei Fei, Dr Willis & Tyson Diorr, Gary Maguire, Axel Karakasis, Balthazar & Jackrock …

Tracks supported by:

From top 10 trance DJs to greatest underground legends … and many in between :)



• Learning to play a keyboard synthesizer in music school. Had few live performances already at very young age. Played mostly classical music.

• Early experiments how to make music


• Started producing electronic music on PC with programs Modplug Tracker and Rebirth. The first tracks were Hardcore, DnB & Hard Minimal Techno…


• Started DJ-ing. First appearances at small private techno parties.


• Got his first gig at Hala Gustaf in Pekarna, Maribor and impressed the audience!


• Booked in clubs all over Slovenia

• Co-founder of Techno Jugend organization, co-organized few successful events in Maribor (Back To Dreams, Virginity 2)

• Became resident DJ at »Confusion« events @ Štuk, Maribor, the most successful party series in Maribor at that time (600-800 visitors)


• First international gigs – Vienna, Austria & Obsession, Austria

• Joined the »Support Your Local DJ (SYLD)« contest for the best slovenian newcomer DJ, made to finals

• First 12" vinyl record deal with famous german techno label »Giant & Dwarf Records«, unfortunately the label shut down before the release came out.

• Co-founder of Mature Minds organization, co-organized many very successful events in Maribor


• The busiest year to date, Reaky became one of the most successful slovenian DJs of the younger generation. Booked almost every weekend all over Slovenia, as well as in neighbouring countries.


• Reaky released his first track called »Fseko!« on Omega Audio 005 various artists 12" vinyl EP together with great techno names Marko Nastic, Redhead & Axel Karakasis

• Entered the »Dr.Motte – Open Your Mind« remix contest and won the 1st place!

• Founded an organization called »Sonic Reactor« for promoting young talented artists

• Big changes on the EDM scene, hard techno/schranz started dominating the techno scene, while many DJs switched to electro house. Reaky stayed loyal to his own driving trancy techno style!


• Started organizing events in Maribor’s biggest club – ŠTUK. The events called »Euphoria« became one of the best party series in Slovenia. Techno DJs like Eric Sneo, Spiros Kaloumenos, Stephane Signore, Michal Poliak, Aitor Ronda, Darkrow and Peppelino all had their slovenian debut at these events. Other artists booked were Marko Nastic, DJ Preach, Axel Karakasis, Pedro Delgardo, Ignition Technician, Mary…

With all these events Reaky made a huge contribution to party scene in Maribor.


• Launched his first record label called »Penetration Nation« together with fellow slovenian producer Mark Ankh. The label had only 6 vinyl releases and few more digital releases, but still became one of the most respected techno labels in those days.

• Performed at KaZantip beach festival at Black Sea, Ukraine

• Minimal became a huge trend on the techno scene, but Reaky as always stayed loyal to his own style


• Breakthrough on techno scene, started performing all over Europe

• Track »Carpevita« was released on Insane Life records and quickly became one of Reaky’s most popular tracks.

• »Absinthe party« appeared on »Fire It Up« CD compilation mixed by superstar Eddie Halliwell, and joined the names like Armin Van Buuren, Sander Van Doorn, Chris Liebing and others on this CD.

• »Southsoniks – Transformer (Reaky Remix)« climbed to #3 on Beatport trance chart! (no cheating :)

• Completely occupied TID techno chart, all top 3 positions at the same time were not rare (no cheating :)

• Performed at one of the world’s best and biggest clubs – Fabrik Madrid (Spain)


• Reaky has been performing all over Europe, releasing tracks and remixes on some of the best techno and tech-trance labels, constantly being on top of the leading techno charts, appearing in dj sets, radio shows and CD compilations of many great DJs…

• Founded »Midnight Resurrection« organization which is focused on promoting underground trance, progressive & techno. In the following years names like John 00 Fleming, John Askew, Simon Patterson, Greg Downey, Daisychain, DJ Stay… got their first slovenian gig at events by Midnight Resurrection.


• One of his best tracks »Eskylator« was released on Discover Dark. The track is a collaboration with UK producer Pedro Delgardo.

• Reaky remix of »Fei-Fei – Daksa« stayed 6 weeks at #2 on Beatport Trance chart and 3 months in top 15. (no cheating :)

• Made exclusive guest mixes for many great radio shows including Rush Hour by Christopher Lawrence, Feided by Fei Fei, Mark Sherry’s Outburst Radio Show, Greg Downey’s Global Code … Reaky’s guest mix for Rush Hour was voted by the listeners as the best mix of the last 3 years of the show.


• Debut gig in South America at legendary »Magic« party in Buenos Aires & Rosario

• Made some of his best and most sucessful remixes to date incl. remixes for Christopher Lawrence & Sean J Morris, Lee Haslam on Discover Dark, Hemstock & Jennings aka Sagitaire, Michal Poliak, Bulgarian stars Balthazar & JackRock…

• Started a new side project called “Reakson” which is intended for experimenting with percussive techno rhythms. First release came out on the legendary techno label “Patterns”.