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Re-Ward as he is known to the EDM world was spawn in a village not far from the middle of nowhere known as ‘Dongen’. His love of music showed its first signs of life as a very young child with both of his grandparents on his father’s side being professional musicians, things became obvious very quickly he was going to follow in their footsteps.

Fast forward to 14 years of age and Wardt van der Harst began to experiment with both production and the dream of becoming a DJ, purchasing his first turntables and mixer.

After years of annoying his mother with his terrible DJ skills and out of key melodies from the room upstairs, something connected and at 18 years of age he signed his first release with Tiesto?s Black Hole Recordings.

Not one but two tracks were picked up by the biggest name in dance music’s stellar label titled Ensure and Expos. Not a bad start to his fairytale beginning but that was only a small hint of things to come.

Not long after, Dutch production Prodigy Sander Van Doorn requested a tune from our boy wonder and ‘Show my Shuffle’ debuted on Doorn Records and a B side to match! Momentum continued to build and soon most would agree that being signed to Armin Van Buuren’s Armada would be the pinnacle of all trifecta labels to be associated with.

Wardt, along with childhood friend Willem van Hanegem under the alias “W&W”, secured ‘Mustang’ on the world’s number one DJs imprint and was also quoted by the superstar as one of the hottest producers on the planet right now.

2008 can only be best described as success, debuting on the international stage with Sander van Doorn at the Turnmills in London, a booking that most up and coming producers could only dream of. He has remixed for 4 Strings, Armin van Buuren, Sander van Doorn, Sied van Riel, Leon Bolier and Australia?s number 1 DJ TyDi.

His releases continue to make constant chart and playlist appearances with tracks such as: Cico Knows Best, Contrast and W&W mega hits Dome, Mustang and Arena.

With big tunes starting to flow, the bookings soon followed globally and in such a short time, being one year to be precise, he has now conquered countries such as England, Australia, Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Topping things of in 2008 he has been confirmed to perform at high profile event Trance Energy in Utrecht 2009 exactly 54 weeks after his very first DJ booking. Proof that hard work and dedication do pay off but that’s not going to slow down this 6 foot 7 inch giant as promoters in 2009 better be ready for someone significantly taller in the DJ booth!

Written by David Willis