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Any active person in the electronic dance scene of the Dominican Republic and lover of this musical genre knows about the existence of this recognized Dominican duet and has been part of what theyre able to do through their imposing mixes and productions. Original of the Dominican Republic RAYZIL PROJECT is a duet integrated by the Djs/Producers Raziel Salcedo (Razil) and Ray William Guerrero (Ray Md) two young enterprising men that have wanted to break through in the industry through their work and live performances. Their music is a mix of influences between the Portuguese and the New York House, the Afro-Cuban music and Brazilian. Thanks to their talent and dedication theyve manage to make interesting and innovating productions such as The Music was born next to be release by the well known Record Label Beat Freak from Spain; letting them to break trough in the underground international music market. Frequently solicited by the most important drink marks such as Miller, Presidente, and Heineken in order to spice up their events managing to reach the record of attendance to a House music show in Santo Domingo with more than 15,000 people at the (Miller Mardi Grass) in the year 2006. Supported by the most respected Djs of the World-wide dance scene (D-formation, Richie Santana, Chus & Ceballos, Saeed Younan, Robie Rivera, Pete Tha Zouk and many others) Its musical style has marked a standard as far as House Genre speaking in the area of the Caribbean; its energetic sets filled with plenty of high quality music leaved satisfied from the party crowd to the most demanding Djs and producers.