Rava Beatport


Rava is a mentally inspiring HI-NRG Trance dj that has been showing up in random underground house parties for the last several years. Usually with little warning, this up and coming dj pops out of no where and starts laying down some of the sweetest imported trance and hard house tracks the US has heard in some time. After many months of pleading, we finally have his approval to promote him on a more public basis.

Rava’ musical background goes back to mid eighties where he started listening to what was then just considered “house” or “techno” music. With no instrumental background, he never really pushed the issue to become an artist of any kind in this rapidly growing genre of music. He listen and danced at some of the first clubs to show in the Florida scene during the late eighties and early nineties including “The Edge, Orlando”, “Visage, Apopka”, “Einstein’, Jacksonville”, and “Sub Zero, Fern Park” just to name a few.

With never a real desire to push the edge in becoming a musician or even producer, Rava studied in the field of audio reproduction and concert sound. By building some of the most intense car audio system to hit the US competition scene, and designing some of today’ largest home theaters for a local Florida company, he began to find a nitch within himself for the love of perfecting the sound of music.

Rava started to get back in touch with his love for techno music after his wife and best friend Naki started showing him the ropes to breaking down music to the note by ear and on paper. With a new understanding of how music works and an ear for the perfect sound Rava inspired to finally do what all other djs hadn’t been able to accomplish. So, he started to spin, what he wanted to hear.

After several years of slowing building his vinyl collection and trading tracks and gathering tips with some of the old school pioneers of the Orlando Techno scene, such as Chris B, Fusion, Fade, dj Rock-It. Rava then started to perfect his mixes and the style he personally wanted to hear. After recording a few sets and passing them out to close friends he noticed small crowds starting to gather around during his late night practice sessions. To him this was merely his way to express his raging emotions to those around him.

When Rava spins his freestyle sets you can never know what to expect. His unique style will have your heart pounding while slowing seducing your mind with sounds that caress the eardrums. You can dance all-night or chill on the couch and understand every word said, every thought that goes though his head as he expresses his current mood through sound. While the next time you hear him it might sound like a totally different artist performing, its only because his sets are like his moods, no two are ever the same.

Rava released his first public cd titled “Let the ball drop” during the summer of 2001. This set was recorded at a live event at Lake Christian in Orlando, Florida several mins after midnight on January 1, 2001. Being the first set played of the new millennium Rava took the chance to express his emotions like he has never done before. This can only be explained by actually listening to the set itself.

After moving to Clearwater, Florida Rava has only improved his style by blending his musical inpiration and producing abilities with Tribliss Entertainment. Now with the help of Amoeba and Naki he has been able to widen his musical knowledge and start producing some of his own tracks such as “Wandering Soul”, and remixes of such tracks as “Knowledge” and “Freedom”.