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Raum + Zeit

Heidelberg, Germany

Electronica, Techno

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The Project Raum+Zeit was founded in May 2012. The artists Eric Morceau and K.H.S. met each other at the beginning of the 90th through their passion of electronic music. They had several mixed projects and DJ activities for years.

Here are some Events and Clubs which they visited in the past as DJ´s :

Normal Club (Heidelberg) Lemon-Club (Wiesloch-Rauenberg) Nature One 98 Ruhr in Love MS Connexion Mannheim Loft (Ludwigshafen) Alte Gießerei (Heilbronn) Mobilat (Heilbronn) Neckarlust (Heilbronn) Bukowski (Heilbronn) Soho/Vinylbar (Frankfurt) Nachtschicht (Heidelberg) Universum (Stuttgart) Love Parade (Berlin) Stellwerk (Berlin) Airport (Würzburg) U60311 – Ubar (Frankfurt) Time Warp – Afterhour in the LemonClub Sounds of Life – Afterhour in the LemonClub Radio HR-XXL – Clubtrax (Frankfurt) Radio Radar (Darmstadt) – Clubbers Paradise Radio Querfunk (Karlsruhe) – Club Deux and a few more other clubs… Now they decided to start a new common project as a result of their previous experience.