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Raul Rincon

Stuttgart, Germany


Boss Recordings, Diamondhouse Records, Eeear Music
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In addition to his standard club sets now Raul Rincon offers a specialized DJ Set for Latin House Lovers & Ethno Fans.

The theme of the events is called “Latino Bass“. Raul presents a night with “Latin House“, “Samba“, “Percussion“ & “Afrolectric Sounds“. He..ll deejay solo or, as an option, with a percussionist and/or a saxophonist.

Raul has decided to present this specific set to satisfy his love of latin-american music and to facilitate the interaction with fellow musicians.

Another reason is the intention to extend the “raul rincon brand“ to include another sphere in the DJ scene and setting it apart from the current growing “rave set culture“ of so called House DJs ;-)

A Latino Bass set could combine selections of beach house in a “hed kandi“ manner as well as big room tribal tracks or deep & minimal grooves with a hispanic or afro vibe. Not to forget samples of good old Latin Classics.

Raul wants to deliver “sunshine music for sunshine people“ who are getting a raw deal in many clubs at the moment.

Raul Rincon starts his dj career at Stuttgarts classy “Boa” club in 1988. Whereas the know-how of commercial “music producing DJs” is sometimes limited to fumbling around with their music software, Raul is equipped to the max with the knowledge acquired by visiting the renowned School of Audio Engineering in Frankfurt/Main in 1992. He worked together with production partners under the names Jerk Work, Drop Dishes and Snack. Their magnificent output consisting of 35 productions and more than 80 remixes, including different commissioned work e.g. for the Euro-charts storm entry N-TRANCE as well as for people like LUTRICIA MC NEIL, SAMANTHA FOX, DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER and even top 10 rockers FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE!

In 1995 Raul becomes part of the management for hip hop pioneers DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER as DJ promoter and he supplies 12-inches to more than 1,000 DJs.

In 2001 Raul sets up his first label tenor recordings. Apart from his own work, Raul also does production work for fellow dj-friends and keeps extending and enlarging his tenor network. This also leads to regular gigs on Viva..s (Germany..s top music tv channel) Ritmo de Bacardi series, all in all Raul is on tour with the party series for 1.5 years.

Raul Rincon is the man behind the compilations Mash Chapter1 – 3, Who’s the daddy?, We call it house and Chapter5.

In 2004 Raul’s remixes really kick off, and as a result Raul gets a lot of remix work in England. With mixes like DEEP DISH – Flashdance, DARRYL D..BONNEAU – What is, INAYA DAY – Nasty Girl etc., Raul manages to attract the attention of some leading a & r people in the U.K.

Raul Rincon’s remixes have become something to count on in the international dance charts. Remixes like POKER PETS feat. NATE JAMES – Lovin.. you, COBURN – We interrupt this program or HERD & FITZ – I just can..t get enough always appear on the play lists of big name djs. Deep Dish pick Raul’s UK-Flashdance work for their label Yoshitoshi and hire Raul to do a remix for their single Sacramento. Another highlight is a remix request for JAMIROQUAI..s alltime classic Love Foolosophy and JOJO..s single Too little Too late. Axwell picked Raul for his Bronski Beat Cover “SUPERMODE – Tell me why” as Reworker. After focusing on his studio work for 2 years, Raul starts concentrating on his dj career once more in order to take it to another level. Engagements in Manchester, London, Kiev & Moscow were succeeded with appearances in Brazil, Panama, Mexico as well as Seoul, Singapore and Bangkok.

In 2007 Hed Kandi sign Raul Rincon’s Single “Sometimes”. After a long period spent winding up tenor recordings, splitting up from distributors & fulfilling obligations, at last his new label EEEAR-MUSIC is ready to release. The first release AfroIntegrity is an introductory production and represents once more Raul’s love of Ethno House Music. EEEAR-MUSIC is focusing on “world music” elements. “It doesn..t matter whether the style is house, techno, electro, minimal etc. or whether its characteristics are hard, dark, deep or smooth, soulful & sophisticated. What is important is that it has charisma like Afro vibe, Caribbean feel, Indian atmosphere, Latin flavor etc.”,…as mentioned by Raul in his last interview. This philosophy goes all the way in Raul’s varied DJ sets. The “Ethno element” is a constant companion.

Raul Rincon – this is music 24/7!