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The name is Rasmus Juul. He was born in 1989 in a small suburb of Copenhagen. Rasmus began in his early years playing the drums. He started out playing in a band when he was around 11 years old. Quickly he fell in love with music. He had no great knowledge about electronic music, but it came to him soon. He used his big brothers computer to play music, and quickly he found a special kind of music that he could relate to even more. The genre was Trance. Since that day he has always loved electronic music. Some years later while Rasmus had explored several genres, he came to house music. He quickly discovered that this was just something for him. He began to digg even more into house music and its underground environments. Here he found, the genre Minimal & Techno. Rasmus has always loved the simple and yet very complicated music. Therefore, he just fell for this right away. Rasmus heard that in his youth club, there was a DJ program. He therefore volunteered for it and was quickly bitten by it. He was quick to learn the art of being a DJ despite his young age. When Rasmus was about 15 years old, he got a phone call from the local discotheque. They phoned him because they had heard he was becoming very good, at what he was doing. Offcourse he couldnít say no, and since that day Rasmusí career have been growing fast. Now he is playing at most clubs in Copenhagen! Rasmus has, since he was bitten by the whole ìDJ-thingî also made some music. But not until the past year it have paid off. Rasmus is a very talented young man who is always ready for new challenges and he will certainly make a lot more new music in the future