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Language: English

“Johnny Cash or David Guetta, hip hop, rock, or house…he can make it all sound good in the same set.” Raphael Valentino, born Raphael Valentino Intrieri, raised in the small town of Elmwood Park, NJ, has grown from DJ, to producer, to remix artist. Beginning his DJ career at the young age of 14, he starting by creating mixtapes for friends as a hobby as soon as he received his first pair of long-awaited Technics. The hobby quickly grew into a passion, and then a career. While attaining a degree in Computer Engineering at NJIT,

Raphael Valentino has scored many gigs and residencies in New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas, and Miami. He has shared the same turntables with endless A-List DJs, DJed for celebrities such as Paris Hilton, and numerous performers. “I love working with other DJs. I’m always incorporating new music and new techniques to evolve. I love to stir things up. You’ll never know what you’ll hear next when you see me perform because, well, for the most part, I’m not sure what I’ll throw out there next.” You can hear Raphael Valentino on radio shows spread all over the US. Be sure to catch a live performance for an experience you’ll never forget.



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Raphael Valentino