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He was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on 01 October 1988, Rangga oktavian (aka Rangga Electroscope) Young and Passionate, He is One of the Most Productive Indonesian Electronic/Trance Music Producer. In 2007 He start talent as progressive/Uplifting trance genre. B efore that timhe start Producing Electronic music, Rangga Electroscope ever joined as a bassist and guitarist in an indie band called the Palette in the year 2006 until 2007. After a vacuum and then the band, Rangga trying to learn various kinds of electronic music genres, but ultimately he was more loved trance music from other genres.

Until now, He become One of the Best Young Indonesian Trance Producer, Remixer & Electronic Musician,- Composer from his own independent Label, Electroscopic Sounds Studio and also he joined AVSR records UK (Label Worx) & Celestial Tracks/ The 45MF GROUP INC (The Biggest Electronic Dance Music Label in Indonesia). His musical basic was inspired from David Foster as the Legend of Musician and He was much inspired by Above and Beyond, Daniel Kandi, Nitrous Oxide, Akira Kayosa, Fast Distance, Sean Tyas, Paul Miller and Oliver Smith. He is also a remixer of various artists such as Kshah (Number One Rec), Riri Mestica (Spinach Rec), Chris M Reworks (Bonzai) ,DJ AVSR (AVSR Rec), Gitano (AVSR Rec), Katy Perry and many more.


- Supported by AWOT (A World Of Trance) on Christmas Special Mix 2009 (Love at the Spring Mountain)

- Number 1 at Dansa Chart Homses.net (Winter, Futura & Reborn (Gitano Remix))

- Number 1 at Paranoia Chart Hard Rock FM (Atlantis Rabin Violin Interpretation mix)

- one of the Best 5 Uplifting Trance 2010 From DJ Tukancheez (Atlantis Original Mix)

- Supported by Addliss WAVES Radio show at www.friskyradio.com (Love at The Spring Mountain (Heavens Gate Ambient Mix) 2010

- the Finalist at L.A Indie Remix 2009 (Morning blue – I Don’t Care Remix)

- the Winner at L.A Indie Remix 2010 and the Most Favorite Remix (LARS – 1/2 jiwa Remix)

- Nominated at Best New Comer ICEMA 2010 (Atlantis Original Mix).